Comic News Insider Episode 682 – Raising the Batt Signal!


Comic News Insider: Episode 682 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Black Panther Vol 6 #1, Empress #1, The Fix #1, Grizzly Shark #1, Fear the Walking Dead

Jimmy is joined in studio by good pal/animator Jim Batt. They discuss his awesome Kickstarter project with Neil Gaiman. They also chat about the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer as well as the new Suicide Squad one. Jimmy talks about a couple of deaths on big TV shows last week but stays mostly spoiler-free. News includes: Gerard Way gets new comic imprint at DC called Young Animal, Image Expo announces a slew of new comic projects, Dark Horse is bringing Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens, Image announces Creators for Creators initiative, Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson’s The Boys is becoming a live action show on Cinemax, Freeform is developing a Cloak and Dagger series, Archie is publishing a new Betty and Veronica series along with a new Kevin Keller series, and Animaniacs is finally on Netflix! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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Comic News Insider Episode 431 – A CNI Quickie

Comic News Insider: Episode 431 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: The Victories #1, Expendables 2

Jimmy flies solo for a quickie this week as guest co-host canceled at the last minute. And believe it or not, there is no more San Diego Comic Con coverage! Jimmy gets a late night visitor, gets some inside scoop on the X-Men: First Class sequel, remembers director/producer Tony Scott and thanks Producer Joe for all of the San Diego Comic Con episode producing. News includes: Colleen Doran is adapting a Neil Gaiman short story into a graphic novel for Dark Horse, the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special is coming, The Avengers sequel gets a release date, The Boysends in November with a super-size issue, Warner Bros. and WWE Studios announce a Scooby-Doo/WWE animated feature, and Whilce Portacio returns to creator-owned comics with Non-Humans.  As always, listener feedback, Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 132 – Nerd Rage

The Backroom team talk about the best of Archie Comics, give some #1 reviews, tackle nerd rage, and discuss the idea of toy subscriptions.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 080 Hellbound Train #2 – Fear Itself #4 – Flashpoint #3

As Summer is causing all the weiners to swelter and sweat, the comics are keeping them cool and collected (trade paperback style, yo!). Join the Weiners, for another chapter of their most ambitious project yet . . . finding and rebuilding the Anti-Monitor . . . into a world class supermodel!

Intro and Outro Music:
“That Hellbound Train” by Earth 2 Podcast

0:00:40 – Intros & Props
0:06:33 – That Hellbound Train #2 (IDW)
0:14:40 – Elephantmen #32 (Image)
0:19:10 – Secret Six #35 (DC)
0:24:35 – Reed Gunther #2 (Image)
0:27:50 – Brimstone #2 (Zenescope)
0:33:20 – Batman Beyond #7 (DC)
0:37:34 – Fear Itself #4 – Part 1 (Marvel)
0:39:45 – Vengeance #1 (Marvel)
0:41:45 – Flashpoint Batman Knight of Vengeance #2 (DC)
0:43:08 – Flashpoint #3 (DC)
0:46:22 – Flashpoint Secret Seven #2 (DC)
0:48:58 – Fear Itself #4 – Part 2 / Spider-Island (Marvel)
0:53:50 – DC Universe Online Legends #11 (DC)
0:56:43 – Bo’s Quickies: The Boys #56, Godzilla #4, Moriarty #3
0:59:05 – Dungeons & Dragons Vol 1 Shadowplague HC (IDW)
1:02:15 – Goodbyes, Outro and a word from a sponsor
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Comic News Insider Episode 326 – CNI of Thrones

Comic News Insider: Episode 326 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews:  Game of Thrones, Super

Jon Hoche steps back into the guest co-host chair this week. No comic book reviews this week due to a slow week but they give their thoughts on HBO’s Game of Thrones and James Gunn’s new superhero dark comedy Super. Jimmy gives love to some friends doing great comedy, gets excited about Doctor Who premiere and remembers the amazing Elisabeth Sladen. The boys also debate the age old question: Is Casper the Friendly Ghost actually a dead Richie Rich? News includes: Ultimate Spider-man update, a Dark Knight Returns animated feature rumor, Dark Knight Rises casting, anotherThe Boys spin-off and the end of Tokyopop. As always, the Top 3, listener feedback and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!


Burnt Weiners Episode 068 Fear Itself #1 – Orc Stain #6

Dropping into Fear Itself after being a bit out of the Marvel Events loop, the Weiners really like what they are seeing done. Lots of talk about plenty of favorites, and it is decided this was one great week of comics!
0:03:55 – Weird Worlds #4 (DC)
0:09:25 – Dungeons & Dragons #5 (IDW)
0:12:50 – SkullKickers Mini-Discussion
0:15:00 – Star Wars: Darth Vader & The Lost Command #3 (Dark Horse)
0:19:53 – DC Universe Online Legends #5 (DC)
0:24:30 – Orc Stain #6 (Image)
0:29:40 – Deadmen Decimation TPB (Arcana)
0:32:06 – Secret Six #32 (DC)
0:37:15 – Jonah Hex #66 (DC)
0:40:35 – Solomon Kane Red Shadows #1 (Dark Horse)
0:47:15 – Brightest Day #23 (DC)
0:52:45 – The Boys #53 (Dynamite Ent)
0:57:00 – Age of Bronze Vol 1 (Image)
1:01:45 – Fear Itself #1 (Marvel)
1:17:15 – DC Universe Online & Wrap Up

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 151 (1/23/11)

Independent titles rule supreme! Pick Of The Week goes to Ben McCool & Nikki Cook for Memoir #1 (Image). Fast Five picks include G.I. JOE: Cobra #12 (IDW), Hellblazer #275 (Vertigo), Doctor Who #1 (IDW), The Boys #50 (Dynamite), and Locke & Key: Keys To The Kingdom #4 (IDW).

Also, none of the titles this week are under $3!

The Next Issue 48: Leslie and Irvin, RIP and BTW the TSA can shove it!

The Next Issue Podcast

In this issue Aitch, Smu, Elden and Kev talk about the passings of both Leslie Neilson and Invin Kirschner. Why is Marky Mark cast for Uncharted? The Whendon universe vents its fury at a Buffy reboot and more news you can use. In what’s tangling the webs the TSA has gone too dayumed far and there are more than enough parodies and real news articles that prove it.

In 1st impressions Kev sums up the first season of the Walking Dead series and Aitch gives his impression of the Young Justice premier on the CN. In comics reviews, Kev revies issue 49 of the Boys and Aitch reviews the Batman December 2010 One Shot. Also please listen to the PSA about coping through the holidays.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 89 – The High Cost Of Comics

The Backroom Comics crew discuss the news coming out of New York Comic Con, the price drop for DC & Marvel comics, and share what they have been reading lately.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 81 – How We Read Comics

The Backroom Comics crew analyze everything related to reading comics: how they read them, what they have been reading, and discuss the review process.

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F BombCast 97: Homo For Como

This one is a Barn Burner folks. get enthralled on who is a better crooner: Crosby, Como, or Sinatra, and whether Barbara Streisand belongs in that group. Enjoy as the boys Discuss Love Story and Saturday night Fever. Is Funny Girl a Movie that Transcends Sexual Orientation. If you don’t listen you will never know the true answers. Kick ass is spoken about in earnest now that two members of the show have seen it, and the deficiencies of Mark Millar as a writer are proven again and again. The Preacher Vs. The Boys (and how many times can TJ destroy his own argument by mistakenly calling Preacher The Boys). TJ has put on his Catholic school girl skirt and his hair in pig tails as he gets more into the world of Manga, this time with Deathnote Vol. 1. Mike and Kevin decide which run of Power Girl is better and the almost come to blows (well not really it is actually very cordial and dare i say delightful). Kevin loves Spitfire and Spitters and Head in general. We learn that Paul Cornell is actually a woman. Dna JT sah neeb detniopassid ni Annataz hcihw sah denrut morf ynnuf ot gnirob ni eerht seussi. Lastly Tj get Warren Ellis’s run of Excalibur spoiled for him but it leads to a x talk so that is fun. Enjoy!

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 76 – Something For Everyone

The Backroom Comics crew is joined by Scott from Arcane Comics for a discussion about upcoming comic films, Dani Nelson shares her comic reading history, and Chris gives some retro #1’s to check out.

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Interview: Darick Robertson

     A few months ago Dollar Bin’s own Adam, Joel, and Tee “sat down” with Darick Robertson, artist on many works including Space Beaver, New Warriors, Transmetropolitan, and The Boys. Yes, the main course of the discussion is Trans-met, but the appetizer and the dessert are what make this podcast interview a complete meal.

Podcast Link:

Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 72 – Digital Censorship

The Backroom Podcast crew tackle the issue of digital censorship in response to recent moves by Apple, and then they share what comics they’ve been reading lately.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 131 (6/21/10)

No Pick Of The Week, but that doesn’t stop me from having a nice little Fast Five! Picks include The Boys #43 (Dynamite), Four Eyes #4 (Image), Atlas #2 (Marvel), The Walking Dead #73 (Image), and Darkwing Duck #1 (BOOM! Studios).

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