F BombCast 90: Fat Guy Fun Party

Do you know someone that is Fat, Chunky, Husky or Obese? Are you that someone? Well come on in, the party is raging, the food is hot, and the water warm. We, the discriminated against unhealthy; the silent majority that needs be silent no longer, will have a location, somewhere deep in wisconsin to start, to get our rocks off with a rocket ship of Fun. Roller Coasters, Tilt-a-Whirls and Fried Cheesecake for all will be our motto and no longer will you have to do the walk of shame because the safety harness doesn’t fit you. The F Bombers are looking out for you, We talk Wonder Woman, We talk Lobo, We talk Animals that talk, We talk about kevin hating Fun, We talk squadron Supreme, Supreme Power and all other piece of shit mini series that took about 7 years to complete and really went no where. Young Allies and Secret Avengers are also deeply discussed. Have fun with this one folks, because The You have about 7 days to wait if you are at this point of the line.

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F BombCast 86: Heroes Con Wrap Up

What was going to be 88 is now 86! This is the show we recorded after drinking a lot of scotch on the last day of the con for us. We wrap up our buys and our experiences with Ryan from the Trip and the Incredible HulkCast. Honestly i was slightly buzzed and Kevin was piss drunk so what ever is on this show will be a surprise to me too. I do remember talking Booster Gold 32 and the Justice League Generations Lost books as well as Avengers #1. We also learn that when dave is in front of his Artistic Idol, he turns into a 14 year old trying to ask out the head cheerleader. Other than that, No clue folks, Experience it with us! Enjoy!

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