Comic Book Pitt Audioboo #26 – NFL SuperPro

In honor of Super Bowl XLVI, I present NFL SuperPro! It has the distinction of being widely regarded as one of the worst comics ever published, including an issue that the Hopi tribe tried to get Marvel to pull from the shelves for containing both racist content and information about the Hopis that they consider […]

The PKD Black Box-Episode #50: Jetta Meets Billy Ocean & John Cena.

Martheus and Janet Wade are interviewed about their latest Original Graphic Novel, Jetta: Tales of The Toshigawa – Full Circle, then Jon Carroll swings by as he and Shawn discuss the iPad 2 and Race In Comics, and later on Donny Salvo stops by as Shawn tells him about the strangest dream he’s ever had, which then lead to a […]