Super Hero Speak – #168: Suicide Squid

This week the guys review Suicide Squad! One of the most anticipated movies this summer, especially after Batman V Superman and it was …. Well it could of been better. Did Will Smith as Deadshot steal the movie? Was it a Harley Quinn movie? How was Jared Leto as the Joker? Was Slipknot the surprise break out character? If they were all villains who exactly was the bad guy in this film? All these questions and so much more is answered in this week’s episode. Be warned there are spoilers aplenty up ahead. Enjoy!168-ss

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Arc Reactions – 56 – Suicide Squad (film)


Dylan and John talk about the Suicide Squad film from Warner Brothers and DC comics. Our discussion of the film will contain spoilers for the plot and we encourage you to see the movie before listening to the episode.

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Tres Komikeros 29: Jai Worthington

TK29HOSTS: John, EJ, and Butch

Suicide Squad! Betty & Veronica! Manifest Destiny! Star Wars! Who is the tallest member of the Justice League? Is Jai Courtney a morphed Sam Worthington? What things do the TK boys have difficulty finding people to talk about with?

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Comic Timing Extra Point – Episode 15: Comics, Changes and Criticism


Things are happening! Time to catch you guys up with an Extra Point. This episode focuses on changes in Ian’s life and, subsequently, how he collects comics. Time to go completely digital. There’s also a little bit of discussion on Star Trek: Beyond and how it blew expectations out of the water, how fans should give it a rest with their attempt to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, Vito Delsante‘s Kickstarter for Stray: The Ongoing Series, Jamal Igle’s label for this year’s Brooklyn Brewery Defender IPA, and a lot more. Tons of stuff jam-packed into a half hour of content!

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Super Hero Speak – #164: Don Smith & James Burton

This week James Burton (Damage Inc, Inheritance) returns to the show and he brought a Don Smith! Don is the creative mind behind Vampire of the Lost Highway, an anthology series about a helpful vampire. They guys also talk about what it takes to make it as an independent comic creator, and the ups and downs associated with creating your own art. Plus we feature a song by Block called “Suicide Squad” check it out.


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Super Hero Speak – #161: Mike Martin and Adam Orndorf

Two years ago Adam Orndorf and Mike Martin paid the guys a visit to talk about their kick starter for Blood and Dust: The Life and Undeath of Judd Glenny. Well they have returned to tell the guys how with the success of that kick starter they are now being published through Action Lab Comics. It’s always great when nice people succeed in comics. So sit back and enjoy the triumphant return of Adam Orndorf and Mike Martin!161-blood

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Comic Frontline #102: Return of the Frontline!

The Comic Frontline crew returns from a galaxy far, far away with your weekly discussion on comics news, Top 5 picks, most anticipated, and more!

We also answer your questions live! Plus, we watch and react to the Doctor Strange trailer as it drops online!

Find more at and

The Comic Frontline crew returns from a galaxy far, far away with your weekly discussion on comics news, Top 5 picks, most anticipated, and more!

We also answer your questions live! Plus, we watch and react to the Doctor Strange trailer as it drops online!

Find more at and


Comic News Insider Episode 682 – Raising the Batt Signal!


Comic News Insider: Episode 682 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Black Panther Vol 6 #1, Empress #1, The Fix #1, Grizzly Shark #1, Fear the Walking Dead

Jimmy is joined in studio by good pal/animator Jim Batt. They discuss his awesome Kickstarter project with Neil Gaiman. They also chat about the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer as well as the new Suicide Squad one. Jimmy talks about a couple of deaths on big TV shows last week but stays mostly spoiler-free. News includes: Gerard Way gets new comic imprint at DC called Young Animal, Image Expo announces a slew of new comic projects, Dark Horse is bringing Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens, Image announces Creators for Creators initiative, Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson’s The Boys is becoming a live action show on Cinemax, Freeform is developing a Cloak and Dagger series, Archie is publishing a new Betty and Veronica series along with a new Kevin Keller series, and Animaniacs is finally on Netflix! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Super Hero Speak – #149: Batman V: Superman’s Dumb Injustice

This week Dave, Ben, John and Zack take on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though the movie is a financial success at the box office, the critics aren’t loving it. And this movie seems to have divided many fans. The guys break down some of the finer points of the movie and discuss and debate them. It’s a bit of a bumpy ride with no consensus at the end. So you guys let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook, enjoy!


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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 62: Sexy Robots and Fan Fiction

Earth 2 - Society #3 (2015) - Page 1

Jim and Eric are at it again with a 5+ hour podcast.  They won’t mind if you don’t!  During their weekly visit, they talk about all the DC Comics that came out this week including Batman and Robin #23 and Batman/Superman #30.  Spoiler Alert: They like Batman/Superman #30 a whole lot!  They also talk about this weeks DC Comics news, how sexy robot Lois is and Jim weirds Eric out with inappropriate fan fiction…all this and more on Episode 62 of the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast.  Enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 60: Eric Shea’s (Sort of) Day Off


Eric was sick as a dog, but instead of taking the week off, Jim forced him to get out of bed and record the podcast…sort of. With the help of Reggie, they recorded an abridged version of the podcast with reviews of Batman and Robin Eternal #21, Justice League #48, Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #1, Superman/Wonder Woman #26 and Superman #49.  While that doesn’t seem like a lot, it still was almost 4 hours long!  Enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 59: THERE WILL BE DANCING HERE!



Jim and Eric keep it on point as they discuss DC Comics’ Rebirth announcement and every book that came out this week.  They try to keep the nonsense to a minimum, but we all know that doesn’t usually work.  Enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 57: Who Else Seen Da Leprechaun Say Yeah!

Leprechaun-say yeah

It was a down week for books and after getting yelled out all week about review scores, Jim was pretty depressed.  That means one thing…The Mobile Leprechaun.  Yes, nothing brings a smile to Jim and Eric’s face quicker than a little, “Who Else Seen Da Leprechaun Say Yeah!”  It carries them through this long ass episode where they break down all the books, talk DC Comics news, get yelled at in the listener mail and try to have a good time.  Enjoy!

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Super Hero Speak – #141: Freedom Fighter

This week Dave sits down with Michael Heitkemper and Aj Fulcher the creative team behind Freedom Fighter from Outpouring Comics. The Freedom Fighter is the world’s first government owned and funded super hero. His stories share not only his missions and adventures but also reveal the struggles he has with the corruption of the bureaucrats who control him. Add this to the mystery and secrets surrounding the original Freedom Fighter and you have one heck of a spy thriller. Mike an Aj share their inspiration for the story and what their plans are for the book. Plus they share what movies they are most looking forward to in 2016 So sit back and enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 56: Things Get Dark


It’s a long one and things do indeed get dark.  There is talk of putting dogs down, a double murder suicide and plenty of zit popping and toilet plunging.  Oh yea, there is also Comics as Jim and Eric review all of this week’s DC Comic releases including Batman and Robin Eternal, Grayson, Justice League of America and so much more.  Plus, you get the Digital Spotlight featuring The Adventures of Supergirl, Eric’s TV segment with Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Lucifer talk as well as the News, DC Comics News, Reggie’s Recklessness, Ryan Clark’s Other Side, Professor DC and Listener Mail.  Holy Crap that’s a lot of stuff!  Enjoy…

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