Ultimate Facepalm 67: Marvel casting rumours, Edgar Wright: Defender of Man of Steel and Australians and Science don’t mix




A very disorganized show (a shock right) and it came out sorta….. a**hole.


The Big Bang Theory is a horrible show

Sucker Punch is a horrible movie

C Bomb’s High School Counsellorship and his hatred for graffiti


UFP Crew Questions!

Favorite foods

Marvel Casting Rumours!

–          Joseph Gordon Levitt to play Doctor Strange

–          Days of Future Past: Peter Dinklage will be playing Boliver Trask

–          James Marsden to return at Cyclops

–          Josh Helman to play William Stryker



Spilled KY Lube causes evacuation

Tennessee doctors are busy diagnosing “Ghetto Booty”

Australians and Science don’t mix!

Corey Monteith: He died doing what he loved.

Rolling Stone: We wish they would just die



NERD NEWS @ 1 hour 3 mins

–          Robert Downey Jr gets all the moneys

–          Paranormal Activity 5 to be possibly be pushed back

–          Edgar Wright comes to the defence of Man of Steel

Review – Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Review – Beware the Batman

–          Ongoing Harley Quinn by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner

–          Cullen Bunn on Heroes (the TV series) for Dynamite

–          Palmiotti to also do a 6 part mini for Painkiller Jane at Icon

–          Howard Chaykin to do Shadow: Midnight in Moscow

–          IGN readers (amongst many other people) won’t be buying the Xbox One

–          The Ultimate Warrior is still Ultimate and in fact, a Warrior

–          HUGE backlash on Plants Vs Zombies 2’s freemium model

Weekly game releases

16 July 2013

Mamorukun Curse!

PlayStation 3

18 July 2013

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time

iPhone, Android

22 July 2013

Runescape 3



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Comic Tube Special News Report

Leroy and Brad are back and they’re joined by Chris Johnson to talk about recent movie news.

– Blade 4?
– Punisher Future
– Dark Knight Rises “Tumbler Wing?”
– Man of Steel Costume and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
– Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 60


In this episode, I’m joined by Ben to talk about Anime Conji 2011, Sucker Puch, and Magic: The Gathering. Spoilers for Sucker Punch!

The Next Issue 55: Where we get Sucker Punched

The Next Issue Podcast

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