For The Love of Indie #32

It’s a convention weekend and Drew is recording alone about a doctor with an impossible task… BUT NOT FOR LONG! Robin Furth, co-author of the Dark Tower comics and author of Concordance stops in to talk about her experience with the property. Listen in to discover:

Plague Doktor
The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower: Concordance
Skin & Earth
S**t & P**s

Twitter/Instagram: @ftlindie/@ftloveofindie
Drew’s Instagram: @justdrewvg

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Ultimate Facepalm Ep 71: The World’s End Review, The Flash TV Series and




Fast, loose and long; That’s how we like it here.

Another long one here, so let’s get at it.


Creepy intro

The fun we’re not allowed to have in Australia

C Bomb confuses Mr Muscle with Mr Clean

#People…… are get-ting fatter#

Giant German Baby

We talk all things Matthew Mcconaughey in our new segment “Matt Chat”* (*Not a real thing)

The Evil Dead remake


UFP Crew Questions!

–          Why?

–          Best and worst comic/cartoon real life portrayals

–          Super Cool Indie game! Metal Dead CHECK IT!

–          Ramming Speed. If you like thrash check them at

–          Why Trinity War is such a non-event

–          We’re just some jealous guys…….

–          I am but a half man, half sausage beast!

–          Guess who’s working heel tonight?

–          Best Pro Wrestling ring entrances




Big Brother Australia is back and officially no-one cares!

Kesha is other-worldly gross!



MOVIE REVIEW – The World’s End


NERD NEWS! (at 1 hour 33 mins)

–          CW planning The Flash TV series and our casting picks

–          Trask Industries website is amazing! Check it

–          Under The Dome renewed for a 2nd season

–          Breaking Bad final series teaser

–          Star Wars 30th Anniversary European Celebration

–          Nick Frost and Simon Pegg do not want to be in the new Star Wars films

–          Dexter spin off confirmed, but no indication as to with which character

–          Quick Nvidia Shield review courtesy of IGN

–          Nintendo’s Wii U sales dive while the company floats off the back of the success of the 3DS

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 131


In this special episode I’m once again joined by Benjamin Grimm, and we talk The Hunger Games (2011), Battle Royale (2000), and The Running Man (1987). We discuss if one ripped the others off, if they’re just similar, and what story all three might have been inspired by. Spoilers!

Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #12



Jesse, Freddie and Danny discuss three indie books that cover a variety of topics such as: master thieves, giant mutant chicken monsters, and biker gang murders!

[01:30] Thief of Thieves #1
[11:40] Mondo #1
[24:00] Road Rage #1
[44:22] END

Intro Music: Motörhead – “Killed By Death”

Comic News Insider Episode 368 – Me, Myself and CNI


Comic News Insider: Episode 368 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Heart #1, Jack Avarice Is The Courier #1, Peanuts Vol 2 #0, Seven Warriors #1, Six Guns #1, Uncanny X-Men Vol 2 #1

Jimmy flies solo since he has the plague and doesn’t want to infect any visitors. He talks about being introduced to the awesome artist ChrisCross, Steve Rude’s recent troubles, no more Cloak and Dagger, and the new animated series Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.  News includes: Marvel will finish The Twelve, Marvel cancels some series, Brian K. Vaughan to adapt Stephen King work for Showtime, truck full of comics is stolen, PC version of Arkham City game is coming, die as a “Redshirt” in an IDW Star Trek comic, and a Star Wars fan has the weirdest photoshoot ever. As always, Listener Feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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212 501 6246



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Comic News Insider

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F BombCast 124: 1st Rule of Viking Chess Club

We may not have our normal Manning, but we do have THE MANning. We learn today that Stephen king is a great writer according to kev, despite the fact that he can only name 4 of the 5 million books he has written. Complete honesty here, I have no clue what the hell we talked about. Dr. Who, Wild Pig, Comic Sale, Computers, Friends, Lamps, Tony Awards, Destructive Baby stories and more. We did manage to get some comics in. Hack/Slash, X-Factor 217, and 100 Bullets Vol 1. Enjoy!

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The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 93


[03:09] American Vampire #4
[08:18] Joe the Barbarian #6
[13:32] Bullet To The Head #1
[15:46] Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark #1

[19:01] Batman: Return Of Bruce Wayne #3
[22:22] Detective Comics #866
[25:02] Jokers Asylum: Killer Croc #1
[30:50] Superman #700
[33:32] Avengers #2
[36:42] X-Men Legacy #237
[38:49] Wolverine: Weapon X #14
[41:18] Thunderbolts #145
[42:03] Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #4

Beasts Of Burden HC
Dingo TP Vol 01
X-Men Sword TP No Time To Breathe

Outro [46:54]

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 89

Show Notes:

Intro [00:24]


  • [01:31] American Vampire #3
    • “If your sick of all this Twilight bulls#@! and all these crappy vampire stories, finally, here’s a good one”. – Jesse
  • [07:09] Walking Dead #72
  • [11:17] Joe the Barbarian #5
  • [16:44] Creepy #3


  • [23:48] DC Universe: Legacies #1
  • [29:29] Brightest Day #2
  • [33:51] Avengers #1
  • [38:31] X-Men Legacy #236
  • [43:22] Atlas #1
  • [49:36] Ultimate Avengers 2 #2

Outro [54:23]

Two True Freaks! Episode 120 – READ A %$#@* BOOK!!


What’s the last book you read?!!

With all the movies, comics, and tv channels out there, it seems more and more rare that people actually crack a book open nowadays. The Freaks know that there’s nothing that can fire the imagination like a good book and that is what this episode is dedicated to… reading!!

No, this isn’t a joke!!

Favorite books and authors, recommendations, rants…. it’s a show The Freaks have been brewing for a while now, so here it is — The Freaks’ tribute to reading!


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The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 85

Freddie and Art finally convince Jesse to sink his teeth into American Vampire and the gang discuss how some horses may or may not have shotgun hooves.

Start / Intro [00:20]


  • [01:10] American Vampire 2
  • [07:25] Crossed: Family Values 1 (of 6)
  • [15:08] Joe the Barbarian 4


  • [18:48] Guardians of the Galaxy 25
  • [23:22] X-Men Legacy 235
  • [25:52] Captain America: Who Won’t Wield The Shield
  • [28:32] Firestar 1
  • [30:50] Ultimate Enemy 3
  • [32:38] Ultimate Spider-Man 9
  • [35:46] Green Lantern 53

Outro [41:39]

Total Time [44:58]

Remember to send us your names at for the “Keep Thanos in Marvel vs Capcom 3 Petition.” Let Marvel and Capcom know that THANOS is the only reason you’d even consider buying the game!

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 81

Once again, an indie claims the title of “Big Book of the Week.” Not even Siege can stop Indie’s relentless reign.

[01:08] American Vampire 1
[08:19] Choker 2
[12:10] Dynamo 5 25
[17:02] Joe The Barabarian 3

[23:35] Siege 3
[32:58] Amazing Spider-Man 625
[42:11] Hercules – Fall of an Avenger 1
[46:46] Dark Avengers 15
[51:30] Green Lantern Corps 46

Dollar Bin Podcast #155: Interview With Robin Furth

     Continuing their trend of celebrating women in comics the Dollar Bin hooked up with writer and adapter of novels to comics, Robin Furth.  Discussion topics overheard include the Dark Tower series, Talisman by King and Stroud, Albert Fish, Girl Comics, Robin’s other work outside of comics, and if you are really quiet and listen really close you may hear ghosts.

Podcast Link:


The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 79

This week we discuss how much we love the Dingo. Michael Alan Nelson’s Dingo, that is.



  • [01:14] Dingo #4
  • [06:41] Demo #2
  • [10:02] Green Hornet #1
  • [16:01] Forgetless 3
  • [19:27] Buffy The Vampire Slayer 33
  • [26:04] Crossed 9
  • [31:43] Sparta U.S.A. #1
  • [32:40] The Sword 22
  • [34:14] Underground 5
  • [36:15] Sweet Tooth 7


  • [40:04] Detective Comics 862
  • [44:11] Adventure Comics 8
  • [47:10] First Wave 1
  • [51:50] Jonah Hex 53
  • [56:26] Wolverine: Weapon X #11
  • [1:02:02] Girl Comics 1
  • [1:09:45] Punisher Max – Butterfly (One-shot)
  • [1:12:19] Stephen King’s N 1
  • [1:17:41] Ultimate Avengers 5
  • [1:24:41] Ultimate Comics New Ultimates 1

Burnt Weiners Episode 017 Stephen Kings N

After Weed was rescued from the terrorists that kidnapped him last show, he decided to try and hold up the show with his contract negotiations . . . but the Weiners will go on without him! The guys talk about Stephen King’s N and OCD, and Travis shares his own little personal struggle. Then the guys talk about Battlfields, Chronicles of Wormwood, Star Trek : TNG, Punisher Max Butterfly, Adam Strange Planet Heist, First Wave and Forgetless. Travis shares his love of Hurt Locker, then Steege talks about Lost and everyone is VERY unprofessional!

email us at

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Two True Freaks! Episode 83 – Star Wars: Death Troopers!! A Special Full-Lenghth Presentation of Orca’s Book Club


Join The Freaks, Chris Honeywell and Scott H. Gardner, along with their very Special Guest, Ken Morgan of the Too Old To Grow Up and Legion of Dudes podcasts, for this chilling dissection of the new Star Wars horror novel — Death Troopers!! Their biting commentary on this terrifying tale of zombie stormtroopers is sure to gnaw at you for many nights to come!! Mwwwwaahahahahahahaha!!

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