Two True Freaks! Episode 172 – Podcast Vacation: Part X – THE INCREDIBLE FINALE!!


In which Chris and Scott wrap up everything that they did in December and wax philosophical about Walt Disney’s legacy. The Freaks are back on Skype and recording in their patented FREAK-O-PHONIC method and Scott really knocks himself out on the sound design of this episode!Then, leave the past behind and start scheming about the FUTURE with the Freaks! The GLORIOUS, SUNNY FLYING CAR FUTURE! What is next year’s podcast vacation going to be like? What does the future hold for the show? For the WORLD? The answers may shock and surprise you, or they might not! Listen and FIND OUT!


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Tales of the Justice Society of America #28


Hey there, Cats and Kittens! We are back with racks and racks of the best on wax, so hows about another groovy sound-spin on WJSA because it’s BOSS?

No? Awright, awright, so maybe we DON’T have racks and racks of the best on wax, but we DO have The Origin of Power Girl in Showcase Comics 97 through 99 this week and BOY.. is it “meh”!! Compared to the Huntress Origin, which the guys LOVED so much, it’s pretty disappointing. Mike and Scott were expecting PG’s origin to be just as good. Sadly, not the case (queue the sad trombone). Now, the issues aren’t terrible or anything, but there is a LOT of goofy going on in them (some of which makes Mike just scratch his head and wonder “What the hell am I lookin’ at here?!”).

Afterwards, the guys come back with a bit o’ e-mail from THE BEST LISTENING AUDIENCE IN THE KNOWN MULTI-VERSE! Subjects include: “Guy Gardner — The Awesomesauce or Captain of the Douche-Bag Brigade”?; Scott’s curiosity over where the JSAers were during the Space Race; Why one listener REALLY likes the show (the check is in the mail, Justin); How Power Girl is a very “healthy” girl and some women just need to eat a frickin’ cheeseburger now and again; And the irony of the JSA’s faithful service to their country all during World War II, yet they were called on the carpet by the guv’ment in the Fifties!

Oh, and Mike goes off on a rant. A political one, which made Scott happy because he was tired of being the only one to do such a thing!

Next Week: The Huntress In BATMAN FAMILY! BE THERE!! Ahoha.


Best.Show.Ever.” — listener Jaak Purres

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