Super Hero Speak – #85: The Mighty Four Skim 2014

This week the guys review the year that was 2014. They share their favorite movies, tv shows, geek moments and SHS moments of 2014. They also discus what thy are looking forward to in 2015. Dave, Ben, John and Pete wish you and yours Happy Holidays and a healthy and happy 2015. So sit back and enjoy and we will see you in 2015!


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Super Hero Speak – #61: So Not Super (Take 2)

Hey boys and girls, as promised we just had Julie and Gary Lobstein back on the show to make up for the technical difficulties from the last time they were on. So sit back and listen as they tell us tales of filming So Not Super and all the plans around the show along with some insight on their documentary “Who is the question?” Plus will Super Hero Speak be getting an honorable mention in an up coming episode? Listen here to find out!


Also we’d like to announce our first ever #stumpthegeekspeak winner! Congratulations to Jeff Fisher! Jeff is one of our many twitter followers and the first to correctly respond to the question: Who in the DC universe created the drug that venom is based on?

We originally were looking for Bannerman Pharmaceuticals who created the miraclo drug which venom is based on. However that was not clear in the question. So the next best answer is Doctor Randolph Porter who created the drug in the Batman Venom story line. So Jeff was the first to give that answer.

What does he win? Bragging rights of course! No one can debate his geek/comic book cred for the next week. We are humbled by his great knowledge and tremble before his geek might!

Follow Jeff on Twitter and hopefully some of his greatness will rub of on you:

Do you want to share in Jeff’s glory? Take a stab at the #stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: Which publisher was the first to publish a Captain Marvel comic book? Bonus why is there a captain Marvel at both DC and Marvel?

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