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“The sewage of negativity I bring to comics”

In an interview that is a long time in coming, Gwen and Derek have the pleasure of talking with Gabby Schulz. His new collection of diary comics, The Process of Drastically Reducing One’s Expectations, was recently released from Alec Longstreth’s Phase Eight Publishing, and in their conversation, Gabby shares his views on the uses and misuses of autobiographical comics. And the three spend a lot of time discussing several of Gabby’s earlier works, especially Sick and Monsters (both published through Secret Acres), and how the personal necessarily becomes political when exploring individual shortcomings and predilections. Gwen and Derek also ask Gabby about “Ken Dahl,” his recent travels, and the experiences of living on the road.

Be sure to visit the artist’s Ignatz Award-nominated website Gabby’s Playhouse.

The Media Masochist #2 – Horrifying Fan Fiction!!


When Chris has had a hard day at work, or his girlfriend has dumped him and hooked up with that stupid drummer or his rent is late and his dog died- he likes to share his pain. He does this by subjecting himself to horrible media and then bitching about it. It doesn’t really make Chris feel any better, but Chris has heard that it’s pretty entertaining to other people. Would you like to listen? Good, because here it is. This time Chris delves into the horrifyingly X RATED (and ECCCCH! RATED) world of fan fiction. Seriously, this stuff is not for everyone and this episode gets pretty ugly. Chris reads some of this stuff dramatically and plays inappropriate music and it’s truly WRONG. Seriously, keep the kiddies or anyone who respects, loves or employs you MILES out of earshot for this little gem. Also, if you’re TRULY adventurous and have a stomach of steel, you can read all of these litle “erotic epics ” HERE but remember – YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

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