Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 71: A Review of Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time and Betty Blues

Chunkin’ with Gene

DoctorWhoPrisonersTimeCompleteIn this week’s review episode of The Comics Alternative, Derek and Gene discuss two recent releases. They begin with Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, the Complete Series (IDW Publishing), written by Scott and David Tipton and illustrated by a host of artists. First, they place the book within context, discussing last year’s 12-issue Prisoners of Times miniseries and the 50th anniversary of the BBC’s Doctor Who television show. Then they look at the book as a whole — after a brief comment or two about their own histories as Whovians — focusing on its narrative structure, its variety of stylistics takes on the Doctor, and the way its premise springs from an easily overlooked event in the BBC series that occurred with the ninth Doctor. The Two Guys also discuss briefly the history of the franchise in comics, pointing out that one of the great features in the Prisoners of Time miniseries, and retained in the book, is the various retrospectives on the Doctor Who comics.  If you’re a fan of the television series, or just a lover of good science fiction stories, this nice hardbound edition is for you.

Next, Gene and Derek turn their attention to Renaud Dillies’s Betty Blues (NBM). This graphic album just recently came out from NBM’s ComicsLit imprint, although it was originally published in French in 2003…and was the winner of the Angoulême Comics Festival Prize for First Comic Book in 2004. Since then, Dillies has written Bubbles BettyBlueand Gondola and Abelard, both also translated and published through NBM, but now his first book is available to English readers in the U.S. The guys remark on the beauty of Dillies’s art and the sophistication of his story. While it might appear at first glance that this is a book for young readers — with its funny animals, rounded drawings, large panels, and colorful pages — this narrative is anything but juvenile. In fact, Betty Blues is a somber and ambiguous work that delves into mature themes and resists simple resolutions.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 211 (7/1/12)


Comic-Con is coming. DID YOU BRING YOUR SANITY?! Pick Of The Week goes to Jason Aaron & R.M. Guera for Scalped #59 (Vertigo)! Fast Five picks include Justice League: Dark #10 (DC), B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Exorcism #1 (Dark Horse), Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared (IDW), American Vampire #28 (Vertigo), and Atomic Robo: The Flying She-Devils of the Pacific #1 (Red 5). Spoilers!

Wayne’s Comics #54 With Scott And David Tipton From The ST:TNG/Doctor Who IDW Miniseries

Did you remember to bring your sonic screwdriver and your phaser? I hope so!

Scott and David Tipton have been working hard on a very special comics event — The Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who miniseries for IDW, which begins later this month! They have some very interesting things to say about the project, including the fact that they can’t wait for you to get to read it!

Next I give a quick review of the latest books, followed by Pete Casazza from Big Planet Comics talking about how Free Comic Book Day and the month of April went in his popular comics shop in College Park, Maryland. Everything wraps up with ‘News & Previews’ with Gianluca Glazer and Ian Cullen.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 156 (2/27/11)

So many good choices this week, only so few spots available. Pick Of The Week goes to Nathan Edmondson & Tonci Zonjic for Who Is Jake Ellis? #2 (Image). Fast Five picks include Fantastic Four #588 (Marvel), King Conan #1 (Dark Horse), Star Trek: Infestation #2 (IDW), Scalped #46 (Vertigo), and Avengers #10 (Marvel).

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Two True Freaks! Episode 150 – Star Trek Monthly Monday #25


This month, in a MASSIVE MILESTONE 150th episode, The Freaks offer up a GIANT-SIZED episode chock full of Star Trek surprises!!

First up, it’s the classic TOS episode “The Changeling” — an episode with MANY similarities to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  Billions are killed, Scotty pulls a Lazarus, and Uhura has a hard-drive crash!

Next, it’s a special Scotty-centric issue of DC’s Star Trek comic.  Prepare yourselves for a SPECIAL SURPRISE in this segment!

Finally, we wind things down with a sensuous episode of The Next Generation — “Angel One”.  Riker gets his Kirk on!

All this PLUS IDW’s “Khan: Ruling In Hell” and The “Blood Will Tell” Mini-Series — and a visit from Konom the pussified Klingon!!



CLICK HERE TO SEE “The Changeling”



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