Radio Free Asgard 316

This week we’re looking at Thor #396! Seth invades Asgard in force! In the absense of Asgard’s champion, will Balder’s desperation be Thor’s doom?? Also, we have a “worthy” villain, and the Earth Force is back. yay.

Radio Free Asgard 314

This week we’re looking at The Mighty Thor #395, introducng 1988’s hottest new creation, The Earth Force! In this issue, Hogun meets Seth, Thor goes streaking, and the Earth Force…well… they’re there too! Plus, the first appearance of the go’aould!

Radio Free Asgard 313

This week we cover The Mighty Thor #394, which unfortunately is a fill-in issue! Roger Stern and Bob Hall take us through the story behind that blockbuster movie you’ve never heard of, “Thor the Avenger” – plus… Hogun is dead! (At least for a few panels, anyway…)

Radio Free Asgard 312

This week we check out The Mighty Thor #393! Quicksand feeds herself to Thor, and Two horn-headed galoots tear up Central Park, while New York prepares for an implausible nuclear holocaust! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 311

It’s a return to past glories as we time travel back to 1988 to cover The Mighty Thor #392!  DeFalco and Frenz bring us the epic battle Thor and the Sandm…er…Sandwom…er Quicksand! Also, a discombobulated Hogun the Grim rampages across New York! Plus a cameo from the Man Without Fear!

super Hero Speak – #137: 2015 Wrap Up

Join Ben, Dave and John as they take a look back on the year that was 2015. They talk about their favorite moments and interviews from 2015. The guys had a blast in 2015 and can’t wait for 2016. Happy New Year!


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Super Hero Speak – #91: Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz

This week the Dave and John sit down with one of the best creative teams to ever work in comics, Tom Defalco and Ron Frenz! They talk about some of the highlights and best moments of their careers. They tell us all about Spider-Man, Thor and  of course Spider-Girl. Ron shares with us about how he came up with the design of Superman Blue and Tom shares with us the tale of how the Clone Saga came to be. Don’t groan at that last part, because without the Clone Saga the idea of Mayday Parker, Spider-Girl, would have never been born. Plus Tom gives us a new way of looking at Thor we never thought of before. So sit back, relax and enjoy one of the best conversations ever with 2 comic book giants!


#stumpthegeekspeak question of last week: In the mid-70s Marvel had a strange rule about wolverine involving hair. What was it?

Answer: He couldn’t have arm hair while in costume.

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#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: How many clone trooper suites of armor were actually produced for the Star Wars prequels?

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Radio Free Asgard 159


This week we cover Marvel Team-Up #….oh wait, this is Thor #391! Thor and Spider-Man vs. the Mongoose! We find out that Midgard is Asgard’s anchor, and more! Plus the introduction of a major player in the Thor universe… ‘Nuff said!


Radio Free Asgard 158






This week we cover Thor #390, in which the armies of the eeeevil Seth attack Asgard! Meanwhile Thor and Captain Americ—er…”The Captain” fight the menace known as Grog! Oh, and I think the Black Knight is there somewhere too…


Radio Free Asgard 156


Ever wonder what goes on in a Celestial’s head? Thor finds out, in Thor #388! There’s bat-tentacly-things and thin, fleshy membranes! The return of George Roussos! What more could you ask for?

Radio Free Asgard 155


This week we look at Thor #387, as our hero faces off against the Celestials! There are space pirates! Bad 80’s fashion! Thor’s sack gets fondled! Plus Balder gets ambushed!

Radio Free Asgard 154


This week we usher in the DeFalco / Frenz era of Thor for reals with Thor #386! Thor gets a shave, and goes up against a weird manticore thingy as well as Leir, the Lord of Lightning! Nuff said!


Radio Free Asgard 152


Flash this, the wonderful world of Thor #384! Discover the three acceptable future hairstyles! See flying penises! (penii?) Find out if Mr.T is “worthy”, and meet Mullet Thor! Also, a dude in a pink suit!


Radio Free Asgard 151


This week it’s back to the 80’s, as we start exploring the DeFalco/Frenz run on Thor, with Thor #383! Tree Murder at the Secret Wars! Daillus the Daring gets stoned! Ron Frenz channels his inner Buscema! Nuff said!

Superman Fan Podcast Episode #271 Part V: 2013 Superman Celebration Interviews!

Top row L to R: Jim Hambrick, Bruce Scivally and Brett Breeding. Bottom row, L to R:  Ron Frenz, Chris Sprouse and John Read.

Top row L to R: Jim Hambrick, Bruce Scivally and Brett Breeding.
Bottom row, L to R: Ron Frenz, Chris Sprouse and John Read.

This episode is comprised of the interviews I conducted at the 2013 Superman Celebration between Friday, June 7 – Sunday June 9, 2013. The time stamp for the beginning of each interview is in parentheses.

– Jim Hambrick (5:37) is the owner of the Superman Museum and store and the Americana Hollywood Museum.


– Brett Breeding (24:16) Superman inker during the 1990’s.

– Ron Frenz (35:43) artist for Superman in the mid to late 1990’s and Spider-Girl artist in the 2000’s.

– Chris Sprouse (52:22) artist of the backup stories in the New 52 ACTION COMICS Grant Morrison issues.

– John Read (1:10:04), curator of the ONE FINE SUNDAY IN THE FUNNY PAGES exhibit of over 100 comic strips, all published on the same day. His exhibit will be on display all month at the Bay County Library in Panama City, Florida during the month of August 2013. He will also be a guest at CreativeCon on Saturday, August 24, 2013, also at Panama City’s Bay County Llibrary.


The Following Episode: MAN OF STEEL MOVIE REVIEW!

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