Super Hero Speak – #200: The Last Ragnarok

We know only one truth… the MCU keeps getting lighter as the DCEU delves farther into the dark side! This week the guys talk about the Last Jedi trailer along with the Thor Ragnarok trailer. Plus DC is going to put out R-rated animated features? All this and more, so sit back and enjoy! Follow Andrew on twitter: […]

Super Hero Speak – #197: The Cookie Paradox

This week the guys sit down and discuss the latest in Marvel and DC movie news. Including Joss Whedon to write and direct Batgirl, Sony sill planing to make a stand alone Venom film and a mind-breaker of a consumable oddity that may just reveal a fracture in the matrix code that is reality. Plus soo […]

Super Hero Speak – #191: Serenity Now!

In this episode the guys discuss Matt Reeves taking over as the director of The Batman. Hear their reactions to the Iron Fist trailer. And then they review Powerless and Legion. This and much more in this week’s episode, enjoy! Please support us on Patreon: Become a Patron! Join the conversation on Slack: Follow us on […]

Super Hero Speak – #166: Connect Thor

This week the guys discuss all the amazing news and previews that came out of San Diego Comic Con 2016. Like the confirmation of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, the very promising teaser for Justice League and the mind blowing trailer for Wonder Woman. Plus we learn what Thor was up to during Civil War. This […]

Super Hero Speak – #155: Captain America v Iron Man: Dusk of Civil Rivalries

This week the guys review the cinematic marvel that is Captain America: Civil War. Arguably the best Marvel movie to date the guys delve into the nuances of what makes this a great film, and of course there are comparisons to Batman v Superman. Sorry DC fans, Marvel got it right. So sit back and […]

Comic News Insider Episode 686 – Civil Warring!

Comic News Insider: Episode 686 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces. Reviews: Punisher Vol 10 #1, Renato Jones: One Percent #1, Smosh #1, 3 Floyds Alpha King #1, Weavers #1, Captain America: Civil War Emmy Potter returns to the studio to co-host with Jimmy after a short […]

Super Hero Speak – #154: Arty McArtisan

This week the guys discuss all the latest comic book movie news. Like DC directors dropping like flies, Captain America opens strong overseas and DC versus Marvel animated movies. Plus are movies giving too much away in previews? All this and more in this weeks Super Hero Speak, enjoy! Max Landis explains the movie industry: […]

Super Hero Speak – #147: Broken & Bad

This week the guys discuss the current slat of DC TV shows: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Plus the give a quick review of Agent Carter. And they round the episode out talking about (over analyzing) the reveal of Spider-Man in the latest Civil War trailer.This is a jam pack episode so […]

Super Hero Speak – #141: Freedom Fighter

This week Dave sits down with Michael Heitkemper and Aj Fulcher the creative team behind Freedom Fighter from Outpouring Comics. The Freedom Fighter is the world’s first government owned and funded super hero. His stories share not only his missions and adventures but also reveal the struggles he has with the corruption of the bureaucrats who control him. […]

Super Hero Speak – #104: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Here we go boys and girls, this week the guys sit down and review the movie that is Avengers: Age of Ultron. Be warned this episode is spoiler heavy so go see the movie before you listen if you don’t want spoilers. Ye have been warned! Enjoy! When the calendar is in the fifth month, And […]

Comic News Insider Episode 604 – Not Episode 603!

Comic News Insider: Episode 604 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces. Reviews: Drones #1, The Infinite Loop #1, Kaptara #1 After a long absence, the podcast wife Erica Schultz returns! Jimmy is super tired and says some really dumb things in this episode like calling it Episode […]

Super Hero Speak – #95: DC’s Incontinuity

So Ben, Dave and John have a lot to talk about this week. The new Supergirl revealed! Fish Mooney not leaving Gotham? Marvel Studios not attending San Diego Comic-Con this year!?! These and many more topics discussed in this week’s episode.Plus hear the birth of what could easily become the greatest of internet memes, the […]

Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep: #204: Spider-Gwen, Suiciders and Black Hood

On this podcast we’re joined by Doctor Fluxx from Feed it Comics as we discuss some possible Marvel movie casting and a new DC show. Then it’s on to comics with reviews of Suiciders #1, Spider-Gwen #1 and The Black Hood #1. Listen in! What do you think the big announcement is? Head over to […]

Super Hero Speak – #92: Along came a Spider-Man

This week Dave, Ben and John talk about the biggest news to rock the nerd world in recent history. Sony and Marvel sign a peace treaty so that Spider-Man can go to Civil War. That’s right Marvel and Sony agree to share the rights to Marvel’s favorite son Spider-Man. What does this mean to the […]

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #150 With Bob Layton

He’s probably best known for his terrific work on Iron Man as well as his involvement with the creation of the Valiant characters, so it’s great to have an interview with Bob Layton for this landmark 150th episode of the Wayne’s Comics Podcast! We discuss the state of the comics industry as well as what […]