F BombCast 142: Six Degrees of Jesus Christ



Mike is back with a vengeance. And it is the month of horror so of course that means a discussion of Blade Runner and Other Sci Fi awesomeness. Horror is finally gotten to and a rousing debate about how much Nightmare on Elm Street 2 either sucks or is awesome ensues. And this week TJ does find the ability to multitask and the comic section lives. Avengers, OMAC, Action Comics, and Pigs are all discussed. Sorry for the short intro, but i feel it does the job. Enjoy!


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F BombCast 71: Her Name was Victoria Winters

Episode 71

This is It folks, One of the greatest episode ever put out by the dynamic trio. (Stop your snickering, we have put out some good shows in the past). We learn about how people pee at a urinal. We learn Kevin’s obsession with bald men. We learn that Mike is awesome (really we learn nothing new about mike so We just keep assuming his awesomeness.) Kevin Becomes Master of his domain while watching a show about blood thirsty vampires. Yes folks we go sort of in depth about the greatness that is Dark Shadows. Music is big as TJ trumps Mike’s rock show with a song off the Brand Spankin’ new Rob Zombie Album. Kevin is the only comic reader this week so he Opines all by himself about Didio’s Doom Patrol, Brubaker’s Captain American 602, and Starman 81. The show is rounded off with a list of Top 5 Favorite Villains. Enjoy!

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Comic Tube Episode 50: Rants and Fracks 2

Leroy and Vikkii come back together in this monthly installment of Rants and Fracks to Rant and Frack about things like hatred on the internet, Jumping on the Bandwagon, why people need to be open minded and so forth.

Subjects discussed are; Jennifers Body, a bunch of batman stuff, halloween 2, Dr. Who, Netflix and more. 

Voicemail: 347-404-5302
Email: Comictube@gmail.com


F BombCast 50: The Return of the Shaft

FBC Shirt3Join the boys as the the Shaft returns for the monumental 50th episode that is actually the 54th but you the hell cares. Sick of hearing about the Marvel/Disney news, Come listen to the podcast that doesn’t even acknowledge it happened. Long discussions on Halloween 2 and Batman: The Widening Gyre.

Comics Discussed: Batman: Widening Gyre, Next Wave: Agents of H.A.T.E., Incredible Hulk #601, Star Wars Legacy, Preacher, Unknown Soldier, More Marvel, (oh who gives a fuck).

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F BombCast 47: G’nort K’nudson

FBC Shirt3In Episode 2 without the shaft, a stunk cock named Keith is brought in to help the flacidity of TJ’s electronics. A new segment called the Insta-Five is announced and gets off to a roaring start as the boys  delve into a whole new level of geekery as they recall there top five episodes of Star Trek: The original Series, By Name and off the top of their head. Secret Six and Doom Patrol are discussed as well as other comics. We learn that Kevin has no real sexual deviance besides Taxicabs, and That Rob Zombie’s Halloween was the greatest Re telling that ever was (can you tell TJ writes these things).

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