Comic Timing Extra Point – Episode 10: RIP Jamie D

RIP Jamie D

Earlier today, the comic book podcasting community lost one of its founding fathers, and friendliest faces. Jamie Dallessandro of Comic Geek Speak, known to most simply as Jamie D, passed away due to complications from his longstanding battle with cancer. Jamie was a shining beacon of positivity for the community as a whole, and anyone who has listened to him, met him, or considered him to be a friend, will miss him dearly. I sure will.

This episode has my farewells to Jamie, as well as some extra audio that was recorded during Episode 150, and re-airing of a portion of Episode 137, which was recorded during Baltimore Comic Con with Shane, Brian “Pants” Christman, and Jamie.

Here’s to you, Shiznit Pimp. We will never forget the part your played in our lives, no matter how small or large it may have been. Uniting the world’s mightiest heroes, forevermore.

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F BombCast 92: Holy Time Delay, Batman

Episode 92
Lets talk some Comics to start off, WHAT, WHO, WHAT, YEAH!!!!!! Morrison is discussed in earnest as Batman 701 draws Kevin’s ire for its timing to which TJ calls him a pompous windbag who purposely uses big words in order to confuse you our loyal listeners. Somehow we get to comparing him to Picard and Kirk and Kirk’s ability to make a robot Cum. Getting back on track, Doom Patrol is also Discussed. Trying to Draw Mike into the conversation TJ Turns to Marvel and starts a conversation on what could possibly be the one marvel Comic that Mike doesn’t read. Other comics discussed are Terry Moore’s Echo, X Men 1, Mighty Avengers and Avengers Academy, Thor: The Greatest Avenger. Then the bridge between segments is Monkey. And what a bridge that is, As he tries to resurrect an old segment: the INSTA FIVE!!! Lastly we discuss Movies, The Gay movie icon in Six Degrees of Separation, that leads to a beautiful discussion on what a Gay movie really is, and the Award Winning classic that is Alien Vs. Predator. Enjoy!

Get it on iTunes or at or the player below:

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 65 (1/30/09)

Whatta show!  From Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba comes The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #3 (Dark Horse).  Fast Five picks include Batman #685 (DC), Nova #21 (Marvel), Battlefields: Dear Billy #1 (Dynamite Entertainment), Blue Beetle #35 (DC), and New Avengers #49 (Marvel).

Hazel and Cha-Cha, Ego the Living Planet, and Khaji-Da make this week fantastic!