Burnt Weiners Episode 046 Uncanny X-Force #1

Guns? Check! Blood? Check! Violence? Check! Shortened slang for someone from Czechoslovakia? Czech! The Weiners sit down, buckle up and strap in for the ridde that is Uncanny X-Force! Does the mega hype surrounding the book stand true?

The boys talk a bit about what DC might be doing with the Woldstorm characters (or hopes!), then Weed regals us with a dirty story.

Bo checks out the last issue of Frankencastle, sits down with the Knights of the Dinner Table, and has a chance to check out Lady Mechanika (Aspen). Weed checks out Angel, Secret Six, Brightest Day, Gail Simone’s awesome Twitter account and the controversial Neonomicon!

John looks into Deadpool MAX, and is delighted by the recent release of I AM LEGION (Humanoids). Steege looks at some stuff that used to be other stuff with Star Wars, the movie Dungeon Masters and invites everyone to DEFRAG 2010 in Amana, Iowa!

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Smart In Name Only – http://smart.fmuk.org.uk/



Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 72 (3/20/09)

It’s quality over quantity this week for comics.  Pick of the week goes to Mark Millar and Steve McNiven for Wolverine #71 (Marvel).  Fast Five picks include Invincible #60 (Image), G.I. Joe: Cobra #1 (IDW), Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #1 (DC), Punisher #3 (Marvel), and Air #7 (Vertigo).

Cobra, The Hood, and Old Man Logan makes this week extremely enjoyable!