Wayne’s Comics Podcast #265 With Ron Marz

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I’ve got a real treat in store for you in this week’s episode, #265! Prolific and excellent comics writer Ron Marz is here, and he discusses Ominous Press, where he’s working with Bart Sears as they create, as they like to call it, “Relentless. Powerful. Comics.” We talk about Ron’s previous storytelling, including his creator-owned books, as well as what he’s doing now with Ominous. He also lets us know what projects he’s working on that he can tell us about as well as how his start in the business has prepared him for today’s industry. The Ominous Press website is at this link, but the best source for info is at their Facebook page, and you can keep up with Ron on Twitter. He’s got a lot of great things to say, so don’t miss this episode!


Super Hero Speak – #112: Waiting for Rusty

The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is true of the laugh.

Dave, John and Brad just killing time till this weeks’ guest shows up, spoilers he doesn’t! The guys talk Ant-Man, Terminator, Suicide Squad and Prometheus. Somehow the also get onto the topic of the speculator market from the 90’s. And Dave predicts that after Marvel Phase 3 completes Disney will release the “Special Edition” versions of all the Marvel movies. We can’t wait! So sit back and enjoy us waiting on Rusty!


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He’s Got Issues #160.3: Independents, 2/11/15


  • Adventure Time Marceline Gone Adrift #2 (Of 6)
  • Bravest Warriors #29
  • Deep State #4
  • Help Us Great Warrior #1 (Of 8)
  • Hexed #7
  • Teen Dog #6 (Of 8)
  • Wild’s End #6 (Of 6)


  • Abe Sapien #20
  • Conan Red Sonja #2 (Of 4)
  • Itty Bitty Comics The Mask #4
  • Prometheus Fire And Stone Omega #1 (One Shot)
  • Resurrectionists #4
  • Usagi Yojimbo #1 (1 For $1 Edition)
  • X #22


  • Army Of Darkness Volume 4 #3
  • Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers #5 (Of 6)
  • Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files Down Town #1 (Of 6)
  • Legenderry Red Sonja #1 (Of 5)
  • Magnus Robot Fighter #11


  • 7th Sword #7
  • Edward Scissorhands #4 (Of 5)
  • Popeye Classics #31
  • Star Trek #41
  • Transformers Vs G.I. JOE #5


  • Elephantmen #62
  • Empty #1
  • Five Ghosts #15
  • Ghosted #17
  • Morning Glories #43
  • Satellite Sam #11
  • Shutter #9
  • Southern Bastards #7
  • Tech Jacket #8
  • The Walking Dead #137
  • Witchblade #180


  • Divinity #1 (Of 4)
  • Q2 The Return Of Quantum And Woody #5 (Of 5)
  • Rai #7

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Walter White as the new Dr Who, Orson Scott Card disappears and Appleman: “WAAR! WAAR! WAAR!”

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Early drop but a short one (we apologize for those of you who like our normal filibuster eps) but we’ll be back to our normal long-form show by the next drop.

Now let’s get onto it!


Gene Hackman IS The Wolverine


UFP Crew Questions

–          Battle Royale/The Hunger Games

–          The Best Doctor (Who)

–          Orson Scott Card disappearing act

–          Comic titles we’d take over and what we’d do with them



British comic Mel Smith’s passing (R.I.P.)

Glee’s song tribute to Corey Monteith along with some song suggestions

South Australian boy pretends to be girl on Facebook and gets friends to send him nudes



Eisner Awards!

Best Series – Saga

Best Writer – Brian K Vaughan

Best Writer/artist – Chris Ware

Best Penciller – David Aja and Chris Samnee (Tie)

Best Covers – David Aja

Best Coloring – Dave Stewart

Best Kids Publication – Adventure Time

Best Graphic Album – Building Stories


Simpsons/Family Guy crossover!

South Park: Stick of Truth will NOT feature DLC content

Agents of SHIELD first ep debut at SDCC

First footage and trailer for the Robocop remake

Kick Ass 2 red band trailer

Simpsons and Futurama crossover

Hellboy 3 to come

Prometheus comic from Dark Horse

Halo comic from Dark Horse

Tomb Raider by Gail Simone

Venture Bros art book

The Maxx and Hellboy artist editions

New ongoing Nightcrawler book

Deadpool Vs Carnage

Wolverine: Origin 2

Batman and Son animated movie

Assault on Arkham animated movie

Mark Gatiss cast in Game of Thrones

Tom Taylor steps up to writing on Earth 2 and Doom Patrol

Pop Media Savant Episode 56: Movie Talk: Prometheus…Was It Worth The Wait?

This week it is all about the movies I review Prometheus, 21 Jump Street, Sherlock: A Game Of Shadows, Wanderlust and Lockout. Enjoy!

F BombCast 152: Dark Crap

Last episode we really catered to all you comic book geeks, now to please some of you movie geeks. We go on a slight rant about Dark Shadows. And by slight i mean more than half the episode. And by rant i mean utter disgust with the film maker and all those involved with the project. Denise will thrill the soul of all you trekkies as her e-mail is all DS9 all the time. Prometheus looks like the tits, and game of thrones not only looks like the tits but it also has them. Capping off this fantastic piece of audible awesomeness is a discussion of Captain Atom and BKV’s Saga. Enjoy!

Get it on iTunes, www.fbombcast.com or this little player right here:


Cammy’s Comic-Con Corner – Drinky Talky – Episode 117


In this special episode I’m joined by Matt (Duke of Douche), Darcy (The Destroyer), Dommy (The House Dwarf) Aaron (MMA Legend), and several others to recap Saturday of Wondercon 2012! Dommy talks a lot, I give great birthday gifts, and it’s St. Patrick’s Day so we’ve been drinking all day! EXPLICIT CONTENT & DRUNKEN DEBAUCHERY!

SFP-NOW ‘2012 Blockbuster Movie Previews Special’

For this episode Glen Edwards and Ian Cullen discuss some of the movies of 2012 that we’re looking forward to.

Among the movies discussed are: Avengers Assemble, The Hobbit, James Bond: Skyfall and Ridley Scotts new Alien Prequel movie Prometheus to name only a few of the films that we quickly go over in this hour.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy listening to this episode as much as Glen and I enjoyed recording it.

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