Burnt Weiners – Jims Indie Rack 003

Jim’s back this week with more news and reviews on all things independent.

He discusses excitement on the upcoming D.B. Cooper series, Accent UK’s recent release of Predators, and more!

Reviews this week:

Monsters (Accent UK)

Spontaneous #3 (Oni Press)

Wolves ( Becky Cloonan)

Sites mentioned:

Shane Oakley blog: http://shaneoakley.blogspot.com/
Adventure Podcast: http://adventurefilmspodcast.blogspot.com
Becky Cloonan Webstore: http://beckycloonan.bigcartel.com/

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F BombCast 115: Lincoln, Spawn, and Ron Marz…Oh My!

Lincoln, The Civil War, Mark Twain, Spawn, and Ron Marz; What do these things have in common? Fuck if I know, but it made for a very entertaining and enlightening podcast. We start with some history that may or may not have been taught to you in school, the subject is a passion of both me and kevin, so please bear with us. We then lead into book censorship, which brings us to Rambo, yeah if you don’t think we have ADD than HEY WHAT IS THAT? oh right, we talk some action movies, and the spawn animated show. Batgirl helps explain the history of batman…with stick figures, and poor Ernie just wants to get away from General Glory. Ron Marz wants to shit on the people that buy his comics, Axel Alonzo acts like he was the guiding force at Vertigo. Finish it up with a little Manga and whether or not Daken hates the chicken and that is what I call podcast gold.

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F BombCast 93: Watchmen Babies

Kevin is a big fat lousy quitter, as is Mike, But fear not fellow F Bombers, TJ is hanging in there to experience the Cancer that you all crave. San Diego Comic Con just finished up and Kevin Regales you with all the News that is as boring as shit. (Not Kevin’s Fault, nothing really exciting came out.) It does spawn a lengthy conversation where our heroes discuss the possibility of a a Watchmen sequel and who should write it. TJ is on a murdered Kid kick and discusses Lovely Bones as well as Gone Baby Gone and the trailer for the Greatest Ensemble cast Film is discussed, Machete. Monkey Boy breaks out some English lit and we discuss the books that made us love our childhood as well as the ones that made those High School days just a little bit longer. We end up with a kevin insta-Five of top five ended or cancelled Comic Books that we wish would be revived.

Listen on iTunes, Zune, or at http://www.fbombcast.com

or this little player right here:

V for Vertigo, Episode 71: Unchrasimatic

I quickly start things off quoting the awesomeness that is Transformers. Yes, I’m still playing the game. I then give you that Predators review I promised along with what makes a good and bad sequel and the directions they can go in.

Since San Diego Comic-Con just wrapped up, there’s plenty of news this week. A lot of it is sad when dealing with the best imprint out there. I finish the show talking about the soon to finish Air: Pureland (G. Willow Wilson, M.K. Perker).

Visit V for Vertigo

The Next Issue 39: …more EPIC than Love Jones


The Next Issue Podcast

** As promised there IS a show!**
In issue 39, the guys discuss the Baltimore Comic Con coming in August, David Finch’s new Batman gig, Elden discusses info on the new Fright Night remake and the guys talk about the possibility of the Old Spice Guy becoming Luke Cage. In What’s Tangling the Webs, we talk about the Machete trailer as well as the new photos from the Thor and Green Lantern movies. In 1st Impressions, Kevin telss us why he thinks that Inception was such a good mind f*ck and why it’s Oscar worthy. Aitch gives us a better late than never review of Toy Story 3 and then Predators. In Comic Reviews, Kev reviews The Boys 44, Aitch talks about Batman and Robin 13 and Amazing Spider-Man 637 and recommendations this week are Chew 12, The 6th Gun by Oni Press, Stuff of Legends vol II and a few others.