Comic Timing Episode 167 – Powers: Episodes 1-4


A new challenger has entered the original streaming content arena! The first four episodes of Sony’s Powers, based on the Brian Michael Bendis comic of the same name, have been released, and we’re here to talk about them! The first episode is available for free on YouTube for those of you who are interested, but either don’t own a Playstation or don’t have Playstation Plus, by the way.

Ian is joined this episode by returning guests, Austin Cantrell and Kris, to discuss the show in depth. Does it hit the mark, or leave us wanting more? Does the show need a new lighting guy? And how does it compare to the comic, anyway? We also meander into conversation on Kingsman: The Secret Service, Constantine, and superhero shows in general. Are we approaching a glut of content, or can television and streaming handle all of these capes? Listen in to find out!

As always – we are sponsored by the newly redesigned DCBS! That’s right! Discount Comic Book Service! All comics from major publishers like Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse are 40% off or more. And hardcovers and trade paperbacks from Marvel and DC are at least 50% off! Plus, be sure to check out their Comixology digital storefront for even further savings!

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Pop Media Savant Episode 119: Game Talk


This week we have another episode of game talk, we ask some interesting gaming questions. Also talking about some of my most anticipated games coming between now and the end of the year. Enjoy!


Pop Media Savant Episode 110: Game Talk: Playstation 4


Finally the time has come, I have gotten a Playstation 4! So this week I will do a in-depth review on not just the system but the software as well. I will also do a brief review the games Injustice: God Among Us Ultimate Edition, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, and NBA2K14. So get ready for the whole picture, when it comes to PS4 from hardware, software and accessories. Enjoy!

Mighty Avengers, skilled sex workers and what’s happened to Deryck Whibley???

UFP logo



The Dwarves will not be going to Supanova (the characters from the Hobbit not the band)


Looking to money better spent instead of donating to Zach Braff’s Kickstarter bullshit

Natalie Portman’s Oscar for Black Swan is more than deserved

Do you like chocolate sand that doesn’t mix and that sits on top your milk? Then Milo is right up your alley!

Being proud to be Italian only lasts on the mortal coil

Tim Minchin being a touch hypocritical starring in Jesus Christ Superstar

UFP Crew questions!

–          Our first cooking (?) segment!

–          The latest Human Torch casting

–          Who would YOU hench for?

New app stops Icelanders from fucking relatives! HURRAH!

I’m sure some sex workers are very skilled, just not the skills Australia immigration is looking for

Ita Buttrose can now bore the entire country daily

What’s happened to Deryck Whibley!?




DC characters the average movie goer can get behind

New Mighty Avengers title

Paul Jenkins in a DC meltdown

Jock to write/draw Savage Wolverine

Comic Reviews:

–          Kick Ass 3

–          Daredevil End of Days

Paddington Bear movie!

Luther season 3 trailer

Aaron Johnson negotiations with Marvel to play Quicksilver

Archie Movie

Set pics of The Winter Soldier costume

Confirmation of questions around the Xbox One’s specs

New E3 announcements

–          Ducktales Remastered

–          Rayman Legends

–          Destiny

–          Thief

–          The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2

–          Infamous: Second Son

–          Battlefield 4

–          Dragon Age 3: Inquisition

Kiefer Sutherland to play Solid Snake (sort of)

Patrice Désilets (Assassins Creed) legal fight with Ubisoft

The latest The Last of Us reviews

Playstation Plus latest releases