Arc Reactions – 34 – The Wake

The Wake gives us a nautical based story with strong characters and an intriguing mysterious creature that is terrorizing mankind. We look deeply at the ending of the story and do our best to explain some of the unclear elements and discuss the characters, science and mythology woven into this tale.

Talking Points
The Ending (28:31)
The Governess (48:35)
Storytelling style (52:22)
Strong female characters (1:04:46)
Good use of science (1:09:50)
Good use of mythology (1:13:32)

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Please join us May 2nd and May 3rd for our Age of Ultron movie review and Billie Loves Nibbles by Creators Edge Press.

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Randumb Idiocy: A Kickstarter conversation with Dern & Obsidian


My guests this episode are Obsidian and Dern and we discuss their Kickstarter project, the pirate boardgame, Scurvy Dogs: Pirates and Privateers.

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Two True Freaks! Episode 164 – Podcast Vacation: Part IV


In which Chris and Scott delve deeper into Disney. Hear them talk about the Pirates Of The Caribbean, the World Famous Jungle Cruise ride, and discover Scott’s shocking thoughts on Toy Story 3! Listen in as Scott and Chris talk to a semi-obnoxious family while waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain, more obnoxious kids get smacked down by their parents at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Hint: pay attention while Scott and Chris wait to get on the Speeder-Bike!), hear MUPPETS and the STAR WARS giftshop and a metric ton more!!


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Episode #31 of The Meangeek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-My Dad Abused Me with a Cell Phone!

The Mean Geek in SDCC

The Mean Geek in SDCC

December 17 2009 Episode #31 Blackbeard puts us in a black mood, Doc Savage is pretty tame, 3 issues of Saw inspired Batman and Robin, and we still can’t figure out why Peter Parker can’t get left alone.