Comic News Insider Episode 648 – NYCC: Kieron Gillen/Jamie McKelvie/Darryl Cunningham!


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Reviews: Assassin’s Creed #1, Chewbacca #1, I Hate Fairyland #1, The Twilight Children, Star Wars Rebels S2 premiere

Jimmy is joined in studio by Melissa Dowell. They chat/gush about the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and when they plan on seeing it. At NYCC, Jimmy sat down with Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie to discuss The Wicked and the Divine, Phonogram, Young Avengers, and more! He also chatted with cartoonist Darryl Cunningham about his works Age of Selfishness, How to Fake a Moon Landing and Psychiatric Tales. News includes: Star Wars: Battlefront video game will allow you to play as familiar characters, the Art of John Cassaday will be on display at the Metropolis Gallery in NYC, FX is bringing a Legion TV series based on the X-Men character, FX is also working on a Y: The Last Man series based on the popular comic book series, Fox is producing an X-Men related series as well called The Hellfire Club, Entertainment Weekly is holding their first EW Fest in NYC this weekend and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Book Of The Month – Phonogram: The Singles Club


The Book of the Month for June 2012 is none other than Phonogram: The Singles Club (Image) written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Jamie McKelvie.

Music is magic, and we’re all Phonomancers in our own right!

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Sidekickcast Presents…London MCM Expo 2011

Sidekickcast Presents...London MCM Expo 2011

Last weekend we sent our front-line roaving reporter Sidekick, Joe Glass (The Pride, Stiffs) to the MCM Expo at London’s Excel centre, his mission was to enjoy the show and pick up some interviews, he accepted and came through in true Sidekick style.

On this episode of Sidekickcast Presents… we hear from Howard Hardiman (The Lengths, The Badger), Adam Cadwell (The Everyday, Blood Blokes), Marc Ellerby ( Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter, The Pride, CBGB), Becky Cloonan (Wolves, Flight, American Virgin) and Kieron Gillen ( Phonogram, Uncanny X-Men, Journey into Mystery).

Music through the episode is a track called At Home by Crystal Fighters which was used in the Thrill Electric trailer revelealed at the Expo, which you can see here.

As always our thanks to the guests for agreeing to to talk to us and a special thanks to Joe Glass for stepping up to the plate.

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The Pull List podcast #117: JSA ALL-STARS #3 / X-MEN: PIXIE STRIKES BACK #1 / NORTH WORLD VOL 03

(0:48:04) This week Craig makes some decisions about JSA ALL-STARS #3, Sean returns to high school with X-MEN: PIXIE STRIKES BACK #1, and they both take a look NORTH WORLD VOL. 03: OTHER SAGAS from Oni press.

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Music: “Ring Capacity” by Kirby Krackle (

0:00:00 – Show ID
0:00:12 – Music
0:00:26 – Introductions

0:02:57 – JSA ALL-STARS #3

0:20:19 – The Stacks:
0:20:29 – THE MUPPET SHOW #2
0:24:09 – PUNISHER MAX #4
0:25:12 – SECRET SIX #18
0:26:04 – BATMAN AND ROBIN #8
0:27:11 – THE ANCHOR #5
0:28:24 – NEW MUTANTS #10
0:29:34 – BPRD: KING OF FEAR #2
0:30:58 – DAYTRIPPER #3
0:34:45 – THE UNWRITTEN #10
0:36:07 – Top of The Stacks: Sean – NEW MUTANTS #10; Craig – DAYTRIPPER #3

0:38:08 – Trade-Offs: NORTH WORLD VOL. 03: OTHER SAGAS from Oni Press

0:46:05 – Wrap-up
0:47:09 – Music
0:48:04 – End

Teenage Wasteland Episode 59 – Best of 2009

It’s a marathon episode this week as myself and co-host Joe Aulisio rundown all that was great in comic books throughout the year of 2009. Plenty is discussed as we close out the exciting year and welcome 2010.

best comics

Amazing Spider-Man
Asterios Polyp
Batman And Robin
Criminal: The Sinners
Detective Comics
I Kill Giants
The Nobody
Parker: The Hunter
Phonogram: The Singles Club
Savage Dragon
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe
Seaguy: The Slaves Of Mickey Eye
Strange Tales
Stray Bullets “Open the Goddamned Box” in Noir
Sweet Tooth
The Umbrella Academy: Dallas
The Unwritten
Young Liars
best writers/artists
David Mazzucchelli
JH Williams III
Frank Quitely
Sean Phillips
Grant Morrison
Mike Carey
Ed Brubaker
best in podcast
11 O’Clock Comics
Comic Geek Speak
Creative Screenwriting Magazine
PKD Media Black Box
The Uncanny X-Cast

Music is featured by Morrisey.

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The Comic Addiction Episode 98: A Conversation with Kieron Gillen

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Show Notes:

“You there! With the ears! What are you doing on Saturday?”

In this episode of The Comic Addiction Podcast, Paul talks to Kieron Gillen about his Image Comics series Phonogram: The Singles Club, music, the first Phonogram series, music, metaphor, music, artist Jamie McKelvie, and music. Did we mention that Paul and Keiron talk about music?


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