Comics Alternative, Episode 268: Reviews of Recent Romance Comics

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Built for Love

It’s Valentine’s Day, and this week the Two Guys with PhDs are doing something they’ve never done before: devote an entire episode to recent romance comics. And this year, there are quite a number of new comics devoted to love and relationships…and with curious twists. And speaking of twists, they begin their show by discussing the first two issues of the new Image Comics series, Twisted Romance. This is a four-issue anthology published weekly throughout the month of February, and in issues #1 and #2 we see comics contributions from the creators Alex de Campo, Katie Shelly, Sarah Horrocks, Alejandra Gutierrez, and Meredith McClaren, with short prose offerings from Magen Cubed and Vita Ayala. From there they go to Death of Love #1 (Image Comics), written by Justin Jordan with art by Donal Delay. Much like Twisted Romance, this is a skewed look at love — and this one includes assholes and drugs.

Following that, Gene and Derek discuss one more recent release from Image Comics, Tee Franklin and Jenn St-onge’s Bingo Love. This is a unique LGBT narrative that focuses on the relationship of older citizens. While intended for teen readers, this is a graphic novel that can be appreciated by all ages. After that they visit, once again, the wacky world of Craig Yoe and his partner Clizia Gussoni. Weird Love, Vol. 6: So This Is Love! (IDW Publishing/Yoe Books) is the latest collection of their Weird Love series, classic romance stories from the 1950s and 1960s that not only appear warped to our contemporary eyes, but were probably strange to their original audiences. And finally, the guys wrap up their special Valentine’s Day episode with an offering from DC Comics, Young Monsters in Love. Much like last October’s DC House of Horror, this is an extra-long seasonal anthology issue written and drawn by a who’s who of DC creators. Included are stories focusing on, among others, Swamp Thing, Man-Bat, Raven, Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Solomon Grundy, Deadman, the Creature Commandos, and (one of the guys’ favorites) Monsieur Mallah and the Brain.

Love is definitely in the air this week!

Comics Alternative, Episode 227: Reviews of Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure, Blood Blister #1, and The Belfry

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This week the Two Guys with PhDs discuss three very different titles. They begin with Steven Tillotson’s Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure (Avery Hill Publishing), a different kind of quest narrative that blends the anthropomorphic and the surreal. After that, they look at Phil Hester and Tony Harris’s Blood Blister #1, the latest serial offering from AfterShock Comics. And finally, Andy and Derek wrap up with The Belfry (Image Comics), a one-shot horror title from Gabriel Hardman.


Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 84 – Season 4

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Lost Boys #1, Shipwreck #1, Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1, Seven To Eternity #1, Nights Dominion #2, and more ………..

Run Times –podcast-logo-84

News In Comics…. – 2:28- 12:21

Lost Boys #1 – 12:21 – 25:31

Shipwreck #1 – 25:31 – 34:09

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1 – 34:30– 46:43

Seven To Eternity #1 – 46:43- 59:32

Nights Dominion #2  – 59:32- 1:12:48

Books to look for – 1:12:48

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Wayne’s Comics #118 With Phil Hester

Jeff Parker, Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Aquaman, Batman, Adam West, Mera, Justice League, Robin

It’s always a fun and informative time when I get to chat with Phil Hester, a double-barreled comics threat since he’s both an accomplished writer and artist!

Phil talks about IDW’s T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and Image’s Invincible Universe, two team books that are keeping him busy these days. He discusses how he landed the IDW gig and also about how he works with Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker to make the latter a great monthly title! Then we delve into several changes in the comics industry, so I’m sure you’re going to want to hear what he has to say!

Everything wraps up with two recent news items – Mike Marts leaving the Batman family of titles at DC for Marvel and two casting announcements for the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel.

Be back next week for more from the comics universes!


Wayne’s Comics 67 with Brendan Deneen from ‘Flash Gordon,’ Ardden Entertainment and Atlas Comics


It’s episode 67 of the Wayne’s Comics podcast!

This week’s interview is a terrific one with Brendan Deneen, scripter for Flash Gordon and head of Ardden Entertainment and Atlas Comics!  He talks about their upcoming projects and delves into one of his and my favorite subjects – the nature of the comics industry, including what lies ahead! I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing what he has to say! To learn more about these quality products, go to their website here! Brendan is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Next I review this week’s comics, and everything wraps up with Steve Davis substituting for Gianluca Glazer as we explore this week’s News & Previews!

Don’t miss it!


Wayne’s Comics #66 with Phil Hester from Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight and Guarding the Globe

The Wayne’s Comics podcast is now at! This week’s interview is a great one with Phil Hester, accomplished comics writer and artist! He talks about his three-part digital comic for Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight entitled “Slam!” then discusses other projects including Guarding the Globe for Image and Bionic Man for Dynamite! All three segments of “Slam!” are now available for purchase, so go to this link at or use your DC Comics app to pick them up!

Next comes Pete Casazza from the popular Big Planet Comics in College Park, Maryland, who reflects back on the summer and looks ahead to the fall in his successful shop. Then I review this week’s comics, and everything wraps up with Gianluca Glazer joining me for this week’s News & Previews, a special Rob Liefeld edition!

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The New Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #2

Since the boys rebooted they are all about one’s! This week features three #1 book’s with heroes flying over football games, sandwich stealing cyborg murderers and giant turtles that hit you with things. Listen as the New Fourth Wall continues!

> [00:00] Start
> [00:29] Intro
> [02:18] JUSTICE LEAGUE #1
> [25:56] BIONIC MAN #1
> [55:24] End

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 43


In this special episode, I interview artist extraordinaire Brian Churilla (The Anchor). We talk about his career, The Anchor, and what he has in store for the future.

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 127 (5/23/10)

Full steam ahead! The Pick Of The Week goes to Jeff Parker & Gabriel Hardman for Atlas #1 (Marvel). Fast Five picks include DC Universe: Legacies #1 (DC), The Anchor #8 (BOOM! Studios), Joe The Barbarian #5 (Vertigo), Legion Of Super-Heroes #1 (DC), and Atomic Robo: Revenge Of The Vampire Dimension #3 (Red 5 Comics).

Contest at the end? Perhaps 😉

Teenage Wasteland Episode 50 – Comic Talk & A Look Back

The milestone! This week I take a look back on TW thus far and give thanks to all those who have supported and followed. Also, an e-mail, audio comments and a plethora of comic book reviews. Fifty in the can, ladies & gents, but I’m sure not done.

Items Discussed: The Darkness: Accursed Vol. 2, Deadman: Exorcism, The Factor #0, Northlanders Vol. 1, Sleeper: Season 2, Superboy (1994) #60-64, Unwritten #6, Young Liars Vol. 1

Music featured is by The Deftones.

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The Pull List podcast #101: Phil Hester interview / SUGARSHOCK / INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #19

(1:05:56) This week the guys get a chance to talk to comic creator Phil Hestor (THE DARKNESS, THE ANCHOR, VAMPIRELLA, FIREBREATHER) and on the review side of things, Craig enjoys the saccharine music of SUGARSHOCK, while Sean wipes his mind to INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #19. All this and much, much more!

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Go to to find “Ring Capacity” and other great tunes!

0:00:00 – Show ID

0:00:14 – Music: “Ring Capacity” by Kirby Krackle

0:01:08 – Introductions

0:03:45 – SUGARSHOCK: The best band you’ve never heard of goes into space for an intergalactic battle of the bands; just don’t call Dandelion a viking!

0:10:48 – INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #19: The moment Norman Osborn has waited for is finally here, Tony Stark is in his grasp and nothing can take that victory away from him, right? Right?!

0:19:39 – The Stacks:

0:19:53 – BEASTS OF BURDEN #2

0:21:20 – SPACE ACE #1

0:23:45 – BRAVE AND THE BOLD #28

0:24:51 – FCA: DANCE #6

0:26:00 – CITIZEN REX #4

0:26:44 – POWER GIRL #6


0:29:03 – EX MACHINA #46

0:30:40 – HELLBLAZER #260

0:31:28 – DARK WOLVERINE #79

0:32:48 – UNDERGROUND #2

0:33:40 – X-MEN: LEGACY #228

0:34:50 – TINY TITANS #21

0:35:37 – INVINCIBLE #67

0:36:46 – Top of The Stacks: Sean – INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #19; Craig – BEASTS OF BURDEN #2

0:37:51 – Interview with Phil Hester

1:02:48 – Wrap-up

1:04:38 – Music: “Ring Capacity” by Kirby Krackle

1:05:56 – End