Longbox Review 130: Favorites of 2017

It’s time for my annual tradition of looking back at the previous year of comic books and talking about my favorites. I talk about my following favorites:

  • Independent comics (2:53)
  • Image comics (18:43)
  • Marvel comics (37:46)
  • DC comics (51:49)
  • Most Disappointing (1:06:47)
  • Covers (1:11:11)
  • Most Anticipated for 2018 (1:17:13)

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Longbox Review 112: Top 5 Independent Comics

Damian, of the world-renowned sleepyreader666 YouTube channel, joins me to discuss our top 5 current favorite independent comics (plus a few more).

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Burnt Weiners – Jims Indie Rack Episode 001

Jim and John sit down to talk very broadly about indie comics and then chat about the comics that pulled Jim in that direction and ones that keep his money out of Marvel and DC’s hands. Jim’s show will be focusing more on the creator owned, indie, self published, web comic and various other small publishing titles and creators.

Intro & Outro Music:
Adam Warrock – “Salt Water Taffy”

Jim’s 5 To Read
– Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man (Accent UK)
– Cla$$war (Com.X)
– Ghost Projekt (Oni Press)
– Wolfmen/Fall Of The Wolfmen (Accent UK)
– Salt Water Taffy (Oni Press)

Comics Reviewed:
– Spontaneous #1 & #2 available from Oni Press
– Holy Terror #2 available at indyplanet.com

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Follow Burnt Weiners at www.twitter.com/burntweiners