The Grawlix Podcast #50: We’re All Going Mondasian!

The Grawlix Podcast 50th episode Doctor Who spectacular! Our time traveling trio discuss the 2nd half of Doctor Who season 10. The also weigh in on the announcement of the 13th Doctor and take in listener submitted opinions on the casting. Enjoy!

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The Grawlix Podcast #48: Interrogative Editorial

This episode Jesse and Randy break down The Flash #21 and #22 AND Batman #21 and #22… aka The Button crossover. Also, Randy’s new Randyland, Jesse talking to himself live, O Comic Con 2017 and more! Enjoy!

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Show Notes and Links
00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings
00:03:03 – New Randyland
00:08:13 – Jesse’s Live Stream
00:11:04 – Jesse will be at O Comic Con!
00:16:21 – Joss Whedon’s Justice League
00:18:35 – DC Comics’ The Button (Batman #21-22 and The Flash #21-22)
01:00:19 – Shout-Outs to The Superior Comic Show and Make Dad Read Comics
01:01:50 – Letters Page (Contact Us!)
01:02:55 – Outro

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Slap A Grawlix On… Comic Cons on Facebook Live
O Comic Con 2017
The Superior Comic Show
Make Dad Read Comics

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The Grawlix Podcast #31: Flash-by Psycho Pirating

Grawlix Podcast Logo CPN

This episode the Poll List pick, Crisis On Infinite Earths, dominates our heroes like an Anti-Monitor that just won’t stay down. The G-Crew talks about their recent live appearances from Facebook Live shows and crossover specials to convention panel podcasts. Jesse runs through his O Comic Con 2016 experience and the crew rounds out the episode with TV and trailer talk.

Show Notes and Links

00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings
00:02:09 – Grawlix Bytes #6 Live, Electronic Media Crossover Specials, The Iowa Invasion
00:14:16 – Grawlix #31 Pre-Show and our Patreon page, Book Vs Movie Podcast
00:24:27 – O Comic Con 2016, Jesse on The Bearded Beacon #12, Jesse on a Podcast Panel
00:34:00 – Jesse’s Con thoughts as request by Vince Dorse
00:43:23 – Randy’s 100th Podcast Episode Produc-iversary, Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla Tabletop RPG
00:48:00 – Next Month’s Pick: DC: The New Frontier
00:52:06 – Crisis On Infinite Earths
02:14:34 – Contact us at letters (at) or leave a voice mail at (559) 426-6427.
02:19:12 – Wonder Woman, Justice Leauge, Luke Cage and Iron Fist Trailers, Stranger Things
02:30:44 – Outro


Grawlix Bytes #2: O Comic Con 2015 and THE NEWS

Grawlix Bytes

Grawlix Bytes is back! This time Jesse goes full on nerd rant on some recent news stories including DC’s decision to run half-page ads. Then we are whisked over to this past weekend’s O Comic Con for an interview with super-friend Axton Kahler right from the con floor. Axton is the creator of the Zombie Oaks webcomic and always a delightful guest. Enjoy!

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