Radio Free Asgard Presents: The Complete Norse Mythology, Part 6

This week I’m working crap-tons of overtime! So while I’m getting time and a half for a thankless task, and virtually no appreciation, please enjoy “Hyndla’s Poem” from Episode 108, “Thor’s Duel with Hrungnir” from Episode 144, “Odin and Billing’s Daughter” from Episode 153, and “Gylfi and Gefion” from Episode 171!

Radio Free Asgard 288

This week it’s back to the Norse Mythology, as we cover “The Master Builder” as adapted by Neil Gaiman.

The Gods need a wall, and just like that, a master builder shows up to help them with their goal…. but the builder is not what he seems…

when it’s all done, it’s up to Loki to save the day!….

Radio Free Asgard Presents: The Complete Norse Mythology, Part 5

It’s a computer problems special! Part 5 of this compilation includes “The Lay of Vafthrudnir” from Ep. 126, “Thor’s Journey To Utgard” from Ep. 99, and “The Lay of Hymir” from Ep. 207! There are feats of strength! Lame Goats! Dead giants! Odin dickery! Thor going on a fishing trip! Good stuff, y’all!

Radio Free Asgard 279

It’s a mythology show this week, as we cover two tales from Neil Gaiman’s adaptation of the Norse Myths, “Mimir’s Head and Odin’s Eye” and “The Treasures of the Gods” – We’ve heard the tales before, but not quite like this, so check em out!

This week we start our coverage of Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology”! We talk about the origins of the universe, and hear a bit about the cosmology of the nine worlds! There’s a giant, a cow, water logged trees, and a little surprise! Don’t miss it!

Radio Free Asgard Presents: The Complete Norse Mythology, Part 4

Happy Spring! Please join us this week for our latest compilation of Norse lore from prior episodes! This time around we have “The Lay of Grimnir”, “The Necklace of the Brisings”, and “The Lay of Thrym”!

Radio Free Asgard 262

This week we vault into a new series, as we start covering Journey Into Mystery with issue #646! Here’s the scoop. Sif wants to be a better warrior, so she seeks out the one who can teach her how to be more of an asshole. On the way she belittles a little girl and talks with a stupid dragon! This will go well…

Radio Free Asgard Presents: The Complete Norse Mythology, Vol. 3


At long last, it’s the third installment of our mythology complilation! I promise it won’t be another whole year before Part 4!

This time around, we look at “The Theft of Idunn’s Apples”, “The Marriage of Njord and Skadi”, “The Treasures of the Gods”, and finally “Skirnir’s Journey”

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Radio Free Asgard 252


This week we go back to the Iron Age, as we cover “The Binding of Loki”, courtesy of Snorri Sturluson and others. After the death of Balder, Loki goes off to hide on earth disguised as a fish! A little Asgardian sushi, anyone?

Radio Free Asgard 243


This week we return to the Iron Age, with the tale of “Thor and Geirrod” – This one is a cracker of a tale which includes a shapeshifted Loki being locked in a chest for three months, a river that I sure wouldn’t want to swim in, and some good old Thor vs. Giant action!

Music from Eddan: The Invincible Sword of the Elfsmith is copyright Mats Wendt and is used with permission! (thanks, Mats!)

Radio Free Asgard 225


This week’s is an eventful show! We start off with our reading of The Lay of Loddfafnir, courtesy of Snorri Sturluson, then discuss our upcoming spring break, and finish off covering Walt Simonson’s Ragnarok #5!!

Radio Free Asgard 216


This week it’s back to the Iron Age as we cover the Norse myth “Otter’s Ransom”, in which Loki gets to play the hero! Also, people disguise themselves as animals! An innocent dwarf gets robbed! Plus, we get the origin (sort of) of the Rheingold!

Radio Free Asgard 203


Surprise! It’s another special episode this week, as we are thrilled to present a short interview with one of the nine Asatru gothi of Iceland, Ragnar Olafsson! (don’t worry, Thor will be back next time!)

Radio Free Asgard Presents: The Complete Norse Mythology, Part 2


With me off on a mission in deepest, darkest Iceland, we have a bit of vacation content!

By popular demand (wouldja believe, popular suggestion? Ok, a couple people have asked me…), Part 2 of the complete Norse mythology!

This time around we have “The Song of Rig”, “The Mead of Poetry”, and “Loki’s Children and the Binding of Fenrir”, as adapted by Kevin Crossley-Holland.
Music from “Eddan: The Invincible Sword of the Elfsmith” is copyright Mats Wendt, and is used with his very kind permission.

Radio Free Asgard 198


This week we first delve into Norse lore with “The Lay of Thrym”… I will tell you one thing, Thrym does NOT get laid! Then, we look at Part Zeroth of “The Eighth Day” as we cover the 2nd story in Iron Man #21 from 1999!