Long Box Review Episode 24: Creator vs Contract + the New Vertigo 4

Using Chris Roberson’s public exit from DC as a springboard, we discuss the ethics of corporate contracts and what’s fair to the creators (note: we are not lawyers). Then, at about the 59:30 mark, we discuss the four new Vertigo titles (Fairest, Saucer Country, Voodoo Child, & New Deadwardians).

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F BombCast 154: TJ Hates Fun

Movies and Comics as Kevin and TJ discuss all of life’s mystery’s, like where the fuck is Mike? (we later learn he is being courted by his new bass and amp). Torture Porn is discussed as TJ’s work gets judgmental on the sties he visits while he is supposedly working. Human Centipede and Hostel get the brunt of our criticism. Avengers is discussed and later the Man Meat sandwich that Henry Cavill and Chris Merloni will be providing us in the new Superman Flick. The NEw Vertigo series are discussed and we later learn that TJ hates Fun and Comics apparently since he still cannot understand the love people have for Fear Agent. Enjoy!

The Pull List Podcast #221: MIGHTY THOR #12 / BLOODSTRIKE #26 / Previews

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0:00:00 – Spoiler warning

0:01:39 – MIGHTY THOR #12
0:09:11 – BLOODSTRIKE #26

0:19:06 – The Stacks:
0:19:09 – AvX #0 / AvX #1
0:21:50 – FLASH #7
0:23:02 – FF #16
0:24:03 – AMERICAN VAMPIRE #25
0:24:45 – BLUE SPEAR
0:25:41 – SCALPED #57
0:26:21 – UNWRITTEN #35.5
0:28:45 – Top of The Stacks
0:29:19 – Pull Quote

0:30:24 – Previews of Things to Come: April 2012