Wayne’s Comics Podcast #354: John McCrea

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Time for a great crime noir comic, and that’s Dead Rabbit from Image Comics! During Episode 354, I talk with artist John McCrea from this gripping book, including his role in bringing series to life. Working with Gerry Duggan, he breathes life into a criminal who has completed a big heist, then vanished, only to reappear again! Why? That’s part of the mystery, so this series is highly recommended! We talk about how the book comes together and what the future holds for this great comic!

Arc Reactions – 90 – Stumptown

This episode covers Stumptown by Greg Rucka. We talk about the characters, the cases, and setting this story in Portland, OR. A wonderful example of the private eye story from a masterful writer.


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Arc Reactions 72 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Our next podcast will be our review of  Black Panther (film) on February 18th.

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Trekker Talk Episode 26: Rites of Passage Part 2

In Trekker Talk Episode 26 we discuss Part 2 of Rites of Passage by Ron Randall. We also share our thoughts about the new Wonder Woman movie and read your listener feedback.

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #273: Terrance Grace

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Terrance Grace, Locksmith, Neo-Noir, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, Kickstarter, Silvio dB, Anderson Cabral, Detective Mick Fagan, Antiago, New York City, Lucero, Spanish Moss

If you’re looking for a great comic to support, I have an excellent suggestion – The Locksmith! This week, in Episode 273, I talk with creator Terrance Grace about the third issue of this engaging miniseries, and we discuss the Kickstarter supporting this project, which is now underway. We delve into how this comic came to be, how Terrance developed the characters and brought together the creative team working on The Locksmith, and what we might see from them in the future! I highly recommend you go to this link and support this Indie book! While his goal has already been met, he has some stretch goals that you will enjoy receiving, so don’t miss out on backing this superb comics project! To follow Terrance and keep up with what he’s working on, go to his website!


Wayne’s Comics Podcast #187 With Kristian Fraga, Ben Charbit, Ruben Romero From ‘Prey For Angels’


When a notorious serial killer strikes terror in Paris, they call on Scotland Yard to help bring the murderer to justice! It’s murder mystery just the way I like it, so I’m chatting with writer Kristian Fraga, producer Benjamin Charbit, and adapter Ruben Romero about Prey for Angels, a Think Alike Production comic that you just might see in a theater near you sometime soon! We discuss the miniseries and its creators as well as how you can access this terrific comic! To download your copy, go to comixology at this link! To find out more about Think Alike Productions, check out their website!


12 Days of Zone 4 – Day 5: What’s in That Box?

In this installment, I talk about subscription mystery box services like Loot Crate, and my thoughts on them overall.

Check the ones I mentioned out at these links:

Loot Crate

Geek Fuel

1Up Box

Okashi Connection

Nerd Block

Arcade Block

Critiquing Comics #058: “Pale Dark”

Pale Dark

A man is kidnapped from his home and taken to a secret facility, where a mysterious pale man tells him he’s in deep trouble for supposedly committing serious crimes. In fact, a fellow prisoner tells him, he — and they — “fit the profile.” For what? Is keeping your audience in the dark, as in Chuck Amadori and Ruvel Abril’s Pale Dark, about the plot the best way to draw them in? Tim and Mulele discuss.

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Gutter Trash – Episode 92: David Boring


David Boring. Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight, and Band of Horses

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Gutter Trash – Episode 74: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang


We review Shane Blacks’s Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang starring Robert Downey, Jr. Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and Burning Airlines.

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Tales of the Justice Society of America #25



Scott and Mike are back again, fresh from their escape… I mean release… yes… release from that loony bin… I mean mental health facility… yes… mental health facility… and there was no escape at all. Mike and Scott didn’t stick the pills they were given to take under their tongues and empty the contents into a napkin and then drug the night attendant and then rip the water fountain out of the floor, throw it through the window, and flee into the night. None of that happened and if anyone asks you about it you don’t know anything, all right? All right.

Um, anyway… this week, the guys continue their look at the Justice League of America /Justice Society of America crossovers that took place after ALL-STAR COMICS #58 with two stories — one that involves time travel and another that involves the Justice Society being real douche bags to a fellow hero!!

In JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #s 159 and 160, heroes from the past (including one of Scott’s all time favorites, Jonah Hex!!) are used by the Lord of Time to mess with the JLA/JSA. There’s a lot of wonky in this story, and Scott has far more to say about it than Mike, but what’s new, right? RIGHT? :taps microphone: Is this thing on?

Then, in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #s 171 and 172, the teams get together and, as per usual, someone dies!! For once, it’s NOT one the “escorts” that Batman brings around and that tend to end up crushed and mangled after Superman gets into the Captain Morgan. This time, it’s… well, I’d say it was a member of the JSA, but Mister Terrific, as Hawkman is so quick to point out after Terrific assumes room temperature, wasn’t “really” a part of their little clique now, was he? This is an old-fashioned, closed-door murder mystery with Batman and the Huntress trying to figure out who did the deed, leaving Scott and Mike to try to figure out why the Justice Society were being such utter dicks to a fellow super-hero. Seriously!! They cut this guy ZERO freaking slack and then, after he dies, they act like it’s no big deal!! Frankly, the guys are surprised that they put any effort into solving the murder at all!!

Lastly, be sure to join Scott and Mike next week as they look at the final two JLA/JSA crossovers that occur “before” ALL-STAR SQUADRON!! One involves Darkseid, the other involves the Secret Society of Super-Villains!! Be there (or Mike and Scott will short-sheet ya)!!

“Required Reading” for next week — JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA (Vol. 1) #s 183 thru 185 and 195 thru 197!!


Best.Show.Ever.” — listener Jaak Purres

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Gutter Trash – Episode 66: Moon


We review Duncan Jones’ Moon starring Sam Rockwell. Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and The Zutons.

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