Airship 27 Podcast #27: Detectives, Pirates, Ghosts and More!

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis return with the 27th episode of Airship 27 Podcast!

This month on the show, they talk about conventions, the Pulp Factory Awards, meeting new friends and legends, the Brother Bones Free Comic Book Day offering, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. 9, Mystery Men (& Women) Vol. 4, Jezebel Johnston, and much more!

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Zone 4 #286: “Oldboy Was a Comic?”

The crew returns with comic, television and movie news, and more!

This week, it’s Brant, John, Gordon and Ron!

We talk about some headlines to start off, like Spider-Man becoming a guidance counselor at the Jean Grey School, rumors about the Venom and Sinister Six movies, and more.

Then, we continue from episode #283’s 40 Movies Based on Comics discussion with the final 20!

And we close out the show with announcements.

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This Week’s Links and Topics

Comic Book Pitt #80 – Three Year Anniversary

Three years ago last week we put the first episode of CBP online. That first episode was hilarious, it took us twice as long to figure out how to record, edit and upload the episode than the actual length of the episode itself.

In this 80th episode Duke gives his two cents on The Walking Dead (SPOILERS!) and of course there’s some comic talk. We discuss Fantastic Four #600, FF #12, I, Vampire #3, and the Mystery Men mini-series.

The intro for this episode was provided by Nick Marino, creator of the webcomic Stick Cats.

Comic Book Pitt theme music is by Nik Furious. You can find more of Nik’s music at

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Burnt Weiners Episode 087 TMNT #1 – Retroactive JLA One Shot

Normally we would write something “clever” here, but instead we would like to use this space to promote our new love of albino ferrets! Boy they are aweome. Fear not, we still have time to check out comics.

Intro & Outro Music:
“Horsefeathers” by Bo

0:00:48 – Intro’s, throat clearing and yoga
0:04:22 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (IDW)
0:12:03 – Retroactive Justice League America (DC)
0:20:25 – Kick Ass 2 #3 (Icon)
0:25:38 – War Goddess #0 (Boundless)
0:30:45 – Punisher #2 (Marvel)
0:33:06 – Captain America & Bucky #621 (Marvel)
0:38:45 – Dungeons & Dragons #10 (IDW)
0:42:05 – Green Arrow #15 (DC)
0:46:05 – Mystery Men #4 (Marvel)
0:47:00 – Ultimates #1 (Marvel)
0:48:00 – Weed Uses Previews!!!
0:50:10 – Mysterious Ways #2 (Top Cow)
0:52:50 – Interupting Capones, Outro and Weather Theories

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Burnt Weiners Episode 081 Loose Ends – Cobra Civil War – BPRD


COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBRA!!!!!!!!! Bo and Weed both try out some new series and things outside of what they have normally picking up, all while John proceeds to laugh at the anatomy chart he found in his uncle’s garage . . . he he he

Intro and Outro Music:
Adam Warrock – “Sixth Gun”

0:00:50 – Intros & Nefarious Plans
0:03:15 – Lady Mechanika #2 (Aspen)
0:09:05 – BPRD Hell On – Earth Monsters #1 (Dark Horse)
0:12:28 – Loose Ends #1 (Twelve Gauge)
0:18:20 – Ghostrider #1 (Marvel)
0:23:35 – Red Wing #1 (Image)
0:27:25 – Gladstone’s School For World Conquerers #3 (Image)
0:32:10 – GI Joe: Cobra Civil War #1 (IDW)
0:37:35 – Birds Of Prey #14 (DC)
0:44:15 – Johns Medley: Mystery Men #3 (Marvel), American Vamp Survival Of The Fittest #2 (Vertigo), All Winners Squad Band of Heroes #2 (Marvel), Lil’ Depressed Boy #5 (Image)
0:48:00 – Bo’s Medley: Crawl To Me #1 (IDW), Punisher Max #15 (Marvel), Daken #11 (Marvel)
0:52:45 – Weed’s Medley: Mystery Men #3 (Marvel), X-Men Schism #1 (Marvel), Dollhouse #1 (DH)
0:59:25 – Outros and More Nefarious Plans

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