Wayne’s Comics Podcast #195 With Daniel Corey from ‘Bloodworth’

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It’s time for the 195th episode of the Wayne’s Comics podcast! This week I have a fun interview with Daniel Corey, who has just released Bloodworth, his newest FutureCrime series, now out on comixology.com! This title explores what the future may hold for crime solving, especially when it comes to using social networking  and mind-reading technology! We discuss how Daniel created the comic as well as who the characters are and what certain images on the cool cover may hold for future issues!

Daniel is probably best known as the scripter for the Moriarty comic from Image, based on the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle foe of Sherlock Holmes! He discusses the latest news on this franchise as well as Red City, another great mystery comic he has available in collected edition! Don’t miss it!


Breaking the 4th Wall – Episode 25

bt4w600x600logoThis week, we talk about some news, tell you a little about our new podcast site CobbleCast.net, and discuss a mix of books from last week and this week, including Private Eye, Batman Superman, X-Files, Wild Blue Yonder, Uncanny, Jupiter’s  Legacy,  Extinction Parade, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Lazarus, Hawkeye, Five Ghosts, Think Tank, Moriarty, and Clockwerx

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Wayne’s Comics #87 With Daniel Corey From ‘Moriarty’

Daniel Corey, Moriarty, Image Comics, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes

It’s time for the 87th episode of the Wayne’s Comics podcast, now at MajorSpoilers.Com!

This week I have a fun interview with Daniel Corey, scripter for the Moriarty comic from Image, based on the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle foe of Sherlock Holmes! Daniel talks about how he came up with the idea to focus on Moriarty, and also what fans can expect to find in the upcoming hardcover collected version, due in June.

Then everything wraps up with Gianluca Glazer discussing the latest ‘News & Previews’ with me! Don’t miss it!

Wayne’s Comics is created by Wayne Hall, who also writes the weekly Comics Portal column and reviews comics for this site as well!


SFP-NOW Ep 53 With B5’s Jerry Doyle

Featured in this episode is a fabulous interview with Babylon 5 actor Jerry Doyle.

During the course of our chat Doyle talks about his time on Babylon 5. His guest appearance on the classic 80s series Moonlighting and discusses his love of Podcasting and live radio as well as a brilliant new application he is using to help organise his online activities called Tracky.

For this week in television I am joined by Raissa in which we discuss three British science fiction shows that have recently undergone some massive changes to their regular cast and we also manage to sneak in a discussion about the hit ABC series Once Upon A Time, which ended its first season a few weeks ago.

In This Week In Comics I sing the priases of Daniel Coreys second Moriarty book while Wayne provides us with his picks for this week.

For all of this and much more tune in.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 086 Skullkickers #10 – Snarked #0 – Loose Ends #2

Rhyming and scheming, hustling and rustling, the Weiners bring you another week of comic talk . . . well, not a whole week of it, more like an hour. Hmmmmmm, join us anyways, it is not a bad hour.

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Intro & Outro Music:
“Horsefeathers” by Bo

0:00:48 – Intro’s, Questions and Nonsense
0:07:55 – Batman #713 (DC)
0:11:55 – Stuff of Legend Jester’s Tale #1 (Th3rd World)
0:16:05 – DC Universe Online Legends #14 (DC)
0:21:50 – Venom #6 (Marvel)
0:25:05 – Gladstone’s School For World Conquerers #4 (Image)
0:29:30 – Skullkickers #10 Preview (Image)
0:33:05 – Snarked #0 (Kaboom!)
0:37:20 – Flashpoint: Wonder Woman & The Furies #3 (DC)
0:39:20 – Loose Ends #2 (12 Gauge)
0:42:20 – Moriarty #4 (Image)
0:46:50 – Conan – The Movie
0:53:14 – Finishing, Outro and Citrus Parties

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Burnt Weiners Episode 080 Hellbound Train #2 – Fear Itself #4 – Flashpoint #3

As Summer is causing all the weiners to swelter and sweat, the comics are keeping them cool and collected (trade paperback style, yo!). Join the Weiners, for another chapter of their most ambitious project yet . . . finding and rebuilding the Anti-Monitor . . . into a world class supermodel!

Intro and Outro Music:
“That Hellbound Train” by Earth 2 Podcast

0:00:40 – Intros & Props
0:06:33 – That Hellbound Train #2 (IDW)
0:14:40 – Elephantmen #32 (Image)
0:19:10 – Secret Six #35 (DC)
0:24:35 – Reed Gunther #2 (Image)
0:27:50 – Brimstone #2 (Zenescope)
0:33:20 – Batman Beyond #7 (DC)
0:37:34 – Fear Itself #4 – Part 1 (Marvel)
0:39:45 – Vengeance #1 (Marvel)
0:41:45 – Flashpoint Batman Knight of Vengeance #2 (DC)
0:43:08 – Flashpoint #3 (DC)
0:46:22 – Flashpoint Secret Seven #2 (DC)
0:48:58 – Fear Itself #4 – Part 2 / Spider-Island (Marvel)
0:53:50 – DC Universe Online Legends #11 (DC)
0:56:43 – Bo’s Quickies: The Boys #56, Godzilla #4, Moriarty #3
0:59:05 – Dungeons & Dragons Vol 1 Shadowplague HC (IDW)
1:02:15 – Goodbyes, Outro and a word from a sponsor
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Daniel Corey on Image Comics’s MORIARTY

A new episode of Panel Discussions is live at Comic Related.

Moriarty #1 coverThis week Russ talks with Daniel Corey, writer of Image Comics’ Moriarty. It’s a fantastic read that deftly blends elements of spy fiction, science fiction and the Victorian fiction from which its central character, Professor James Moriarty, was born. It’s also part of what Russ sees as a renaissance at Image Comics, led by the recent successes of Robert Kirkman, wherein a number of the best books in the business are being produced by the publisher at the same time DC’s relauch and Marvel’s killing any character who isn’t nailed down have them dominating the news.

On the flip side of the interview, Russ talks a bit about recent theatrical and home video releases, including Warner’s outstanding Superman Blu-Ray boxset and the disappointing box office performance of Green Lantern.

This week’s music features Peg O’ My Heart by The Dropkick Murphys with special guest Bruce Springsteen. An inspired take on the traditional Irish folk song, this one may hang around for a bit as our intro music. It’s available on the Dropkick Murphys’ new record, “Going Out in Style,” from SideOneDummy Records. After that, though, the remaining songs are from the Zero Effect soundtrack. The film, referenced briefly during the interview with Corey, features Russ’s personal favorite reinterpretation of Holmes and Watson, as Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller star in a loose, modern day retelling of “A Scandal in Bohemia,” with Ryan O’Neal (TV’s Bones) and Kim Dickens (The Blind Side) in supporting roles.

Links of Interest:

Daniel Corey’s Moriarty site

Image Comics

Savage Dragon’s website

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Burnt Weiners Episode 077 That Hellbound Train #1 – Moriarty #2 – D&D #8

On this week’s episode of Burnt Weiners, the guys learn an important lesson about sharing and not pissing off the cats. Oh . . . and lots of awesome comics talked about. Happy Father’s Day!

Intro and Outro Music:
Adam WarRock – “Iron Man”
West Coast Avengers Mixtape

0:00:48 – Intros and Rolling For Initiative
0:05:40 – That Hellbound Train #1 (IDW)
0:11:50 – Ruse #4 (Marvel Crossgen)
0:14:55 – Moriarty #2 (Image)
0:19:45 – Deadland: The Devil’s Six Gun (Image)
0:23:50 – DC Universe Online Legends #8 (DC)
0:30:00 – The One #1 (CGS Studios)
0:35:40 – Flashpoint: Grodd of War (DC)
0:40:30 – Dungeons & Dragons #8 (IDW)
0:46:35 – The Living & The Dead TPB (Speakeasy Comics)
0:53:15 – John’s Medley: The Cape, Gladstones School for World Conquerers #2,
Deadpool Max #11, Blue Estate #3, Crossed Psychopath #3
0:57:20 – Bo’s Medley: Arkham Asylum Madness TPB, Walking Dead TPB 14
1:01:10 – Wrap Up, Web Comics, Cats and Lameness

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Burnt Weiners Episode 075 Flashpoint #2 – Fear Itself #3 – Reed Gunther #1

DC has big news, and we practically ignore it during the show! Not because we are against it, but more due to the fact that we are all taking a wait and see approach, but Bo will kill people if Lobo doesn’t get his own title and Weed will break arms if Secret Six with Gail Simone doesn’t return. John is gonna slobber on you while you sleep no matter what happens! Plenty of comics to talk about.


Into and Outro music:
Vanguard – Flash Gordon (Remix)

0:02:40 – Genecy #1 (Invision Comics)
0:11:38 – Weird Worlds #6 (DC)
0:16:24 – Secret Six #34
0:22:10 – Moriarty #1 (Image)
0:26:25 – Reed Gunther (Image)
0:31:45 – DC Universe Online #7 (DC)
0:32:14 – Flashpoint Secret Seven #1 (DC)
0:36:45 – Flashpoint #2 (DC)
0:44:40 – Flashpoint Batman Knights of Vengeance #1 (DC)
0:50:40 – Criminal Last of the Innocents #1 (Icon)
0:54:05 – Daken #9.1 (Marvel)
0:54:28 – Solomon Kane #3 (Dark Horse)
0:55:40 – Fear Itself #3 (Marvel)
0:56:50 – Crossed 3D (Avatar Press)
1:03:15 – Strange Times, Tales of the Parents Basement and wrap up!

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Image Addiction: Episode 37

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Show Notes
We cover all sorts of books in this episode from the last two weeks:

In our “full review” segement we take a look at Spawn #207, Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #1, Moriarty #1, and Proof Endangered #5.

We transition over to our “quick review” segment and talk about Chew #27, Green Wake #2, ‘Breed III #1, Elephantmen #31, Netherworld #1, Magdalena #6, Undying Love #2, and Artifacts #7.

We take a brief look at the Image books coming out in July 2011.


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