Wayne’s Comics Podcast #191 With Christopher Sebela From ‘Welcome Back’

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Christopher Sebela, Ibrahim Mustafa, High Crimes, Welcome Back, BOOM! Studios, Monkeybraincomics.com, Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Shawn Aldridge

Christopher Sebela, one of  the creators of High Crimes, is back, this time talking about his just-started miniseries Welcome Back from BOOM! Studios!

We discuss where he came up with the concept for this book, what he hopes to accomplish with it and who the main characters are. Then we look back at some of his other great comics, including the aforementioned High Crimes as well as other books he’s worked on. After you listen to this interview, if you haven’t already picked up Welcome Back, be sure to get to your local comics shop and pick up the debut chapter of this excellent four-issue miniseries!


Wayne’s Comics #128 With Joey Esposito From ‘Pawn Shop’

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Joey Esposito, Captain Ultimate, Pawn Shop, Monkeybraincomics.com

It’s always great to chat with Joey Esposito, probably best known as co-creator for Captain Ultimate at monkeybraincomics.com, but he’s not resting on his laurels! He’s got a new offering called Pawn Shop, which features the stories of four New York residents and how they intertwine, which is now available at comixology!  We also discuss other projects he’s been working on as well, so don’t miss it.

You can read my review of the series at this link!


Wayne’s Comics #124 With Shawn Aldridge And Christopher Peterson

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Shawn Aldridge, Christopher Peterson, GoGetters, Maya Diaz, George Harrison, white gorilla, monkeybraincomics.com

Have you read GoGetters #1, now available at this link? It’s an imaginative and fun book available at Monkeybraincomics.com, and from the creative talents of Shawn Aldridge and Christopher Peterson, who join me to talk about the book, which is getting quite a bit of attention and critical praise! The story focuses on Maya Diaz and George Harrison, a white gorilla, who retrieve whatever you want found! We talk about how the comic came to be and what these creators have in store for us in the future. Be sure to listen in!

Be back next week for landmark episode 125!


Wayne’s Comics #109 With Dean Haspiel And Dennis Culver

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Dean Haspiel, Dennis Culver, The Fox, Red Circle, Edison Rex, Monkeybraincomics.com, Chris Roberson, Mark Waid

It’s a special episode of the Wayne’s Comics podcast, with two great interviews!

First up is Dean Haspiel, one of the creative forces behind The Fox at Red Circle/Archie Comics. We talk about this successful series, including how it came to be and how unique this title is compared to other comics available today. If you aren’t reading it, now’s the time to get on board with this excellent title!

I interview Dennis Culver next, and we chat about Edison Rex, a great book available through Monkeybraincomics.com, one of my favorite producers of comics! Dennis chats with me about the upcoming 12th issue in the series, and what that milestone means to the creators! He also points out some fun Easter eggs for fans you can find in the book, which I highly recommend!

Both The Fox #2 and Edison Rex #12 were released on Wednesday, December 4, so don’t miss them!


Wayne’s Comics #107: Joey Esposito from “Captain Ultimate”

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Joey Esposito, Captain Ultimate, Footprints, MonkeyBrainComics.com, Benjamin Bailey, Boykoesh

In episode 107, I have a fun interview with Joey Esposito, one of the creators of Captain Ultimate, a great comic you can find at MonkeyBrainComics. com! We chat about the series and other projects he has coming soon, such as Pawn Shop, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing what he has to say.

Then everything wraps up with the latest  “News & Previews!” Don’t miss it!


Wayne’s Comics #103 With ‘Red Panda’s’ Gregg Taylor

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Monkeybraincomics.com, Gregg Taylor, Red Panda, Dean Kotz, Forever Evil

I hope you’re ready for some “pulp hero” magic!

This week, I have a fun conversation with Gregg Taylor, the mastermind behind Mask of the Red Panda, a miniseries available at Monkeybraincomics. com! If you’ve discovered the audio adventures of this Canadian hero at decoderringtheatre.com, you know you’re in for a real treat! We discuss how the character and his supporting cast came to be as well as his successfully completed Kickstarter project taking the Red Panda to an full-cast audio comic venue. I apologize in advance that some of the interview is a little murky due to Skype’s shenanigans, but I’m certain you’ll be able to understand and enjoy what Gregg has to say!

Everything wraps up with the latest  “News & Previews!”


Wayne’s Comics #101 With ‘Theremin’s’ Curt Pires

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Theremin, Curt Pires, MonkeyBrainComics.com, Justice League, Batman, Forever Evil

It’s the 101st episode!

This time, I have a fun discussion with Curt Pires, scripter of such good things as Theremin at MonkeyBrainComics.com! We talk about what makes this book so unique and his past work as well. Don’t miss it!

Then I give the latest  “News & Previews,“ including what’s going to arrive in comics shops on Wednesday, September 25. Be sure to check out MajorSpoilers.com, where my columns and this podcast are located!

Next week: Episode 102!