Sidekickcast Episode #77 – The Now in a Minute Men


Anyone who’s ever wondered what Soylent Green would be like if it starred Magneto, should hold onto something!
But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…It’s all bidness this episode where the boys discuss the new Star Wars director and Marvel phase 3 amongst the other news!
Then into Stack attack where we hit up Uncanny X-Force 1, Batman 16, Young Avengers 1, Minute Men Finale.
Bones puts an end to Dan’s attempted “Land Grab” last episode (because Dan forgot his fact book) and ups the game on Secrets and Lies – the comic book news quiz with a twist!
Then the boys give you a different take on Smack My Pitch Up for no other reason than they’re under prepared and drunk. Listen in awe as they put your favourite comic book characters into movies you know but maybe don’t love. Awesome outro music provided by @monitorclothing’s Seanus savent. Don’t forget to listen right until the end for some outtake gold!

Sidekickcast Episode #71 – The Bumchin Redux

Presented for the very second time, it’s the Bumchin Redux, starring Cardiff’s answer to Stan Lee; Mikey Bumchin…there’s some other guys along for the ride too in form of Dan, Gavin and Rob Fish. At the start of the episode there’s some uninformed discussion about Marvel Now! and the Sidekicks turn on Bones for his Amazing Spider-Man review.

There’s some reviews in Stack Attack, a Bumchin flavoured Secrets and Lies and the Sidekicks finish off with a little Smack My Pitch Up. If none of that makes any sense you clearly haven’t been paying attention, go back and listen from episode one yo!

Check the out-takes past the outro music too.

The Pull List podcast #230: DARK AVENGERS #175 / MINUTEMEN #1 / Previews

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0:00:00 – Spoiler warning

0:03:41 – DARK AVENGERS #175
0:10:59 – MINUTEMEN #1

The Stacks:
0:18:41 – HARBINGER #1
0:20:00 – DIAL H #2
0:20:35 – WALKING DEAD #98
0:21:29 – EXTERMINATION #1
0:22:28 – SWEET TOOTH #34
0:23:31 – DOUBLE JUMPERS #1
0:26:13 – SWAMP THING #10
0:28:03 – WINTER SOLDIER #6
0:28:55 – G.I. COMBAT #2
0:29:56 – Top of The Stacks
0:30:41 – Pull Quote

0:32:46 – Previews of Things to Come: June 2012

F BombCast 93: Watchmen Babies

Kevin is a big fat lousy quitter, as is Mike, But fear not fellow F Bombers, TJ is hanging in there to experience the Cancer that you all crave. San Diego Comic Con just finished up and Kevin Regales you with all the News that is as boring as shit. (Not Kevin’s Fault, nothing really exciting came out.) It does spawn a lengthy conversation where our heroes discuss the possibility of a a Watchmen sequel and who should write it. TJ is on a murdered Kid kick and discusses Lovely Bones as well as Gone Baby Gone and the trailer for the Greatest Ensemble cast Film is discussed, Machete. Monkey Boy breaks out some English lit and we discuss the books that made us love our childhood as well as the ones that made those High School days just a little bit longer. We end up with a kevin insta-Five of top five ended or cancelled Comic Books that we wish would be revived.

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