Comics Alternative Interviews: Ivy Noelle Weir and Steenz

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Ask a Librarian

Derek talks with Ivy Noelle Weir and Christina “Steenz” Steward about their new book coming out next week from Oni Press, Archival Quality. It’s the story of a young woman who gets a job as a museum archivist, but who soon discovers that her new place of employment is haunted. As she investigates the mystery behind the spectral activity, she also confronts her struggles with mental health and the relationships that have sustained her in the past. Over the course of the conversation, Ivy and Steenz share the genesis of the narrative, their methods of collaboration, and the story’s thematic observations and keen cultural awareness.

Arc Reactions – 87 – The Punisher (Netflix)


We discuss Marvel’s The Punisher season 1 from Netflix. We talk about the pacing, the violence, the issues raised on the show, and more.


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Comic News Insider Episode 623 – SDCC: CNI Analyzes That w/ Broadcast Thought, Dr. Andrea Letamendi & Jenny Jaffe!


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Jimmy sat down with the doctors of Broadcast Thought (Dr. Eric Bender, Dr. Praveen Kambam and Dr. Vasilis Pozios) to discuss the psychiatry of The Walking Dead, superheroes, and some of your favorite sci-fi. He also chatted with perennial favorite psychologist Dr. Andrea Letamendi for his annual therapy session interview. They discussed the brilliance of Pixar’s Inside Out, her podcast The Arkham Sessions and so much more. Finally, Jimmy talked with Jenny Jaffe, the founder of Project UROK. With each of them, they also discuss the the importance of mental health awareness and ways to cope with depression, stress and anxiety. They all give great advice on how to deal with these issues. Whether it is you suffering or you’re just a friend looking for a way to help them. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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