Arc Reactions – 90 – Stumptown

This episode covers Stumptown by Greg Rucka. We talk about the characters, the cases, and setting this story in Portland, OR. A wonderful example of the private eye story from a masterful writer.


Talking points

Stories (10:13)

Dex (24:52)

Ansel (41:20)

Other characters (47:05)

Marencos (50:20)

Diversity (52:55)

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Arc Reactions 72 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Our next podcast will be our review of  Black Panther (film) on February 18th.

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Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #25

Jesse, Freddie, Danny and Cammy from Cammy’s Comic Corner are on the case. Reviews of Batman #0, The Creep #1, and Stumptown Vol. 2 #1.  But that’s not all! In honor of 150 podcasts (including those before the re-numbering) we answer your listener questions.

[03:24] Batman #0
[13:26] The Creep #1
[24:56] Stumptown Vol. 2 #1
[33:58] Your Listener Questions

  • [34:38] Jason asks “If Elvis was alive, what current comics would he enjoy?”
  • [35:47] Jeramey asks “If you could have one character from the big two switch companies, who would they be and why?”
  • [39:19] Kris asks “Which superhero would be the best/worst roommate?”
  • [44:28] Jorge asks “Will you guys ever go to NYCC or Baltimore Comic Con?”
  • [47:15] Johnny asks “What’s the most embarrassing comic you’ve ever read and enjoyed?”
  • [51:32] Jason asks “If Spawn was a hotdog, what would he taste like and would you eat him?”

[53:05] Wrap-up and Outro

Intro Music: Slapstick – “The Park”

Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 120 – Spokane ComiCon 2011

The Backroom Comics crew return to Spokane ComiCon, where they interact with the crowd and do some post-con analysis with some of the creators.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 116 – Comic Highs & Lows

The Backroom team give $5 worth of venting, discuss the return of anthologies, share some comic news, and take a look at The Arctic Marauder.

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The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 101

It’s delay week at The Fourth Wall. In this delayed podcast, we discuss some fantastic delayed books and some not so fantastic ones.


[01:27] Scarlet #2
[08:38] Stumptown #4 (OF 4)
[15:32] Last Days Of American Crime #3 (OF 3)
[26:55] Choker #4 (OF 6)
[31:12] Buffy The Vampire Slayer #36
[33:30] Sweet Tooth #13
[35:38] Yours Truly Jack The Ripper #3 (OF 3)
[40:43] 5 Days To Die #1 (OF 5)
[45:03] Heroic Age: One Month To Live #1 (OF 5)
[49:31] Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #1 & 2
[52:57] Wolverine #1

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 86

Jesse, Art, Freddie, and Danny(!) discuss free comics, indie comics, mainstream comics, and Indian mainstream comics.

Start / Intro: [0:00:21]

[0:01:42] Overview
[0:04:00] Th3rd World – The Stuff of Legend + City of Bones
[0:08:38] Radical Publishing – Welcome to R Universe
[0:14:21] Oni Press – The Sixth Gun
[0:19:32] Image Comics – Fractured Fables

[0:23:19] Stumptown #3 (of 4)
[0:27:55] Green Hornet #3
[0:34:14] The Walking Dead #71
[0:36:17] Aladdin: Legacy Of The Lost #3 (of 3)
[0:37:15] The Last Days of American Crime #2 (of 3)

[0:42:14] Detective Comics #864
[0:47:05] Green Lantern Corps #47
[0:49:44] Invincible Iron Man #25
[0:54:14] X-Force #26
[0:58:30] Thor #609
[1:00:03] New Avengers #64
[1:02:14] Siege: Secret Warriors #1
[1:11:58] Thunderbolts #143
[1:12:42] Ultimate Comics Avengers: v1 #6 + v2 #1

Trades [1:28:32]

  • Gigantic TP
  • Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse Volume 2 It Only Hurts When I Pee HC
  • Wolverine Noir TP
  • Hotwire TP
  • The Stuff of Legend Vol. 1

Next Week / Outro: [1:31:05]
HIGHLIGHTS: Brightest Day #1, Demo Volume 2 #4, Jonah Hex #1 (New Printing), $1.00, Jonah Hex #55, Sweet Tooth #9, Pilot Season Stealth #1, Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #2, Uncanny X-Men #524, and Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #1

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 124 (5/2/10)

Comics? In MY Corner? It’s more likely than you think. Pick Of The Week goes to Kevin Smith & Jonathan Lau for Green Hornet #3 (Dynamite). Fast Five picks include Scalped #37 (Vertigo), Ultimate Avengers 2 #1 (Marvel), Stumptown #3 (Oni Press), Green Lantern Corps #47 (DC), and Invincible Iron Man #25 (Marvel).

What rhymes with “Hairs of Blondefest?” Why, “There’s a contest!”, of course!