Comic Book Central #225: Lost In Space’s Ignacio Serricchio on chicken co-pilots, Zorro & MORE!

My guest this week has a chicken for a co-pilot! The new pilot of the Jupiter 2 from Lost In Space – Ignacio Serricchio joins me to talk about his role as Don West, his feathered companion, Debbie, Joey Tribiani, Zorro…and why he believes Lost In Space saved his life. It’s the in-depth interview you’ll hear ONLY on Comic Book Central!
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F BombCast 117: Gerbil 3D

Kevin and TJ start you off on what would turn out to be the greatest circle conversation ever that starts with some TV talk, going to friends, then to piranha 3D which leads to wes Craven films, which brings us to Gary Oldman which leads us back to friends. Taxi and Sex and the City are spoken of, and that is a close to having a common thread that either of those two shows will ever have. Mike joins us for the second part of the show thanks to some misfortune by TJ’s wife that forces them to cut the episode early and pick it up the next night. Comics are discussed in bulk. We got Spawn 200, The Occultist, Star Wars Legacy Wars, Deadpool Team-up and Max, Zatanna, Sweet Tooth, Wolverine and Jubilee, Superman and a lot more.

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