Super Hero Speak – #279: Everything old is old again

This week the guys discuss all the latest Marvel and DC news you need to know. Like Iron Fist being cancelled, Chuck Wendig fired from Star Wars, Jason Bannon cast as Alfred in Pennyworth and the Secret Six gets pilot order from CBS. All this plus interviews with Scott Hanna and Thom Zahler. So sit back and enjoy!

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#160: Wizard World Philly 2016 part 2

This week we bring you the rest of our interviews from Wizard World Philly 2016. They include Jason Lennox, Jules Staples (AKA Peter Dawes) and Rusty Gilligan! Also the guys talk about the poll results of who should play Superman on Supergirl and will bringing in Tom Welling also bring in the baggage of Smallville? So sit back and enjoy!160-ww16.2

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Super Hero Speak – #159: Wizard World Philly 2016 Part 1

The guys attended Wizard World Philly 2016 and this week bring you part of their coverage of the show. They talk about how the show has grown this year, about some of the news that came out of the show and they bring you interviews from the show floor. This week the interviews include Cowboys and Robitussin (Christopher Walter and Lauren Niedelman), Blind Prophet (Joseph Cillo Jr.) and Bob Gale the co-creator of Back to The Future! This episode is jam packed, so sit back and enjoy!159-ww16.1

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Alternate Reality – Episode 362


Alternate Reality – Episode #362

Jon and Charlie are flying solo in this episode to talk about Superman: Unbound; the new, direct to video, animated feature.  Tonight the guys talk much about how well they liked or didn’t like this movie.  Everything from the voice cast to the animation style, to the plot points of the story are discussed.  How does this movie stack up against all the other DC animated projects?  What do the guys think of the upcoming Flashpoint project?  Will all animated DC features take place in the “New 52” going forward?  When is Partin coming back?  All these answers and more await you,….. well except for the one about Partin.


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