Arc Reactions – 53 – Ghost Rider: Road To Damnation

We tackle the Spirit of Vengeance with Ghost Rider – Road to Damnation. We are joined by our friend Cade Reynolds and dissect this mini-series where Ghost Rider battles the forces of heaven and hell.

Talking points



Ghost Rider’s presence does not effect the outcome of the story (4:47)

Methods of the agents of heaven (12:51)

Pacing (22:46)



World Building (26:53)

Art (38:00)


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As mentioned in the episode

Our next podcast will be our coverage of Denver Comiccon on June 26th. Our next Bat Books For Beginners episode will be Bruce Wayne: Fugitive on June 21st.

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Arc Reactions – 41 – Who Is The Black Panther?

This story recounts the origin of T’Challa, the Black Panther, and his first encounter with one of his more famous villains. Dylan and John tackle a rich story and explore the many interesting aspects it contains in a lively discussion.

Talking Points

Bad Things

Racial slurs (31:36)
Language inconsistancies

Good Things

Anti-colonialism message? (43:12)
Politics (45:55)
Black Panther as a mantle, not a specific person (58:10)
Klaw (1:06:35)
Action (1:18:40)

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As mentioned in the episode
Captain America – The Winter Soldier
Brimstone and the Borderhounds

Our next podcast will be Bat Books For Beginners 136 – Officer Down on November 17th

We would like to thank Packie Wambaugh for recording our intro and outro music for us.

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No Apologies ep 173 Negro News

In this episode we discuss Negro News , Amazing Spider-man, Marvel Knights, Daredevil Father, Teen Titans drug awareness issue, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, Justice League United 1, Superman/Wonder Woman 8, Avengers 29, Futures End 2 and more

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Ultimate Facepalm Episode 66: X-Force movie, Green Lantern colors and a depressed Hideo Kojima



VERY French beginning to the show! But don’t let that stop you from listening!


C Bomb UNSEEING The Wolverine

Perth’s Nexus Collectables Fair

G Money is starring in the next series of Kyle XY

Make sure you check out our YouTube Channel:

Dirty Blonde giving C Bomb dirty looks

Homeless dudes now have no excuse to being filthy if they are near a gas station

The Vandals are FAR superior to The Offspring


UFP CREW Questions

–          The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow

–          Terrible people

–          Johnny Depp’s amazing “portrayal” of a Native Americans

–          Izzy “Al Jolson” Azalea

–          Go get yourself a burrito…. But not between the hours of 3pm to 5pm!

–          What we’d do all day if we were pigs

–          Our picks for WWE Money in the bank matches

–          Zimmerman Trial Verdict

–          The Lanterns from the Green Lanterns, their powers and what to read if you’re getting back into Green Lantern



Brazilian man killed by a cow falling through his roof

A sad, pathetic narcissist is trying to sue Gucci over his $800 manbag


NERD NEWS at 1 hour 12 mins!!!

–          Fantomex Max ongoing series by Andrew Hope and Shaun Crystal

–          Inhumanity by Matt Fraction

–          Marvel Knights returns!!!

Matt Kindt with Spider-Man

Brahm Revel with X-Men

Joe Keatinge with Hulk

–          Summer Glau in season 2 of Arrow

–          Actor’s likenesses in comics

–          TV Shows to be perpetuated in comic form

–          X-Force movie going ahead and to be directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick Ass 2)

–          Hugh Jackman pushing for Wolverine to feature in The Avengers

–          Sharknado: It’s dumb

–          Adam Sandler attacked by the world’s most-liked Cheetah

–          Comic-Con backpacks hurt my brain!

–          Zachary Quinto asserts Star Trek 3 could be filming as early as next year

–          Johnny Depp to star in Alice in Wonderland 2 AND Pirates of the Caribbean 5

–          New Street Fighter 4 announced Evo 2013

–          Ducktales Remastered to be released in August across the US

–          Hideo Kojima depressed by GTA V

–          New Peter Parker: Spider-Man 5 issue mini by David Morrell (Rambo)

–          Red Sonja by Gail Simone already in 3rd print (ie GET IT NOW!!!!)

F BombCast 135: Get Him some Pepto Bismol

F BombCast 135
With a general malaise of apathy in the air Kevin tries his hardest to get us excited for the amount of non news that came out of San Diego. TJ is thrilled with Alien on blu Ray, and the FBC Proclaims August as the Month of Simians. Marvel announces some shit but no one cares, and the boys revert to their old stand by when nothing seems to get the juices flowing, Star Trek. Will Worf beat the ever living shit out of Lightning Lad, we may never know since it is TOS that is meeting up with legion of Superheroes. Batgirl, Executive Assistant Iris and Black Panther are all discussed. Come Enjoy and Be Merry!
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F BombCast 81: Froggy and Groggy Slob a Knob

With kevin back in the saddle the episode starts with a good chunk of Music talk….What?!?!?! In this thriller of an episode we will learn what mike carries in his pockets. Did you know TJ is a fan of pregnancy, learn this and what Britt Ekland sings while making love to walls. Yes, folks, the Wicker Man is discussed (the one from the 70’s cause that really is the only one). This spurs a discussion on religious fanaticism sort of kind of but not really. Kevin tries his damnedest to get us on the smallville train but that has left the station long ago for TJ and Mike. All this and you learn of the doomed last name of  Carter. Then Comes Comics: Kevin Smith’s Quiver, The Rise and Fall of Green Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D #1, the Marvel Knights Four, Chew Vol. 1, and Black Widow: Web of Intrigue. Enjoy! (I promise the show is much funnier than this description, not feeling it today.)


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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Book Of The Month – Sub-Mariner: The Depths

From Marvel Knights, the Book Of The Month for July is Sub-Mariner: The Depths written by Peter Milligan and art by Esad Ribic. This title is a must-have for any fans of Namor or eerie horror movies, because you get the perfect combination of both in this underwater thriller!

Stay tuned at the end for the contest!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – The Punisher Episode

In this special Cammy’s Comic Corner, I talk about Frank Castle aka The Punisher. What you should read, what movies to see, and why Garth Ennis was born to write this character.

From Amazing Spider-Man #129 to his MAX series, The Punisher has continued his life-long quest to slaughter the guilty, and doesn’t look like he plans on giving up anytime soon.