X-Men Monday Episode 24: To Me My Orphans of X

Four X-Men comics were released last week, Ryan and Allen welcome you to join them, as they discuss and review last week’s comics.¬†Watch out Hydra, the Orphans of X are gearing up to become the biggest threat in the Marvel Universe. Where is Wolverine?! Marvel gives details on where you can find him and it’s not in a X-Men title(s)…..yet. Plus the guys go over the Fastball Tweets from the episode thread. Thanks for listening!
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Real Books Don’t Have Batman 6/11/14

Deadpool Disco. Just, Deadpool Disco. And Dazzler, and vampires. And time travel. Only $3.99.

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This week we review:
Detective Comics # 32
Superman & Wonder Woman # 9
Deadpool # 30
Justice League United # 2
Batgirl # 32
Batman: Eternal # 10

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