Comic Timing – Episode 185: 2016 Year in Review

Applause! Comic Timing is back! With a bang, one would hope. This episode, Brent and Ian are joined by Raph, Brandon, and returning guest for the first time in forever, Chris Chavez, as we dissect the year that was. 2016 has come and gone, and we go into the best and worst of it when […]

Deconstructing Comics #541: Kyoto Manga Museum

Most people don’t equate the ancient city of Kyoto, Japan, with comics, but that happens to be the location of a museum and reading library of comics from Japan and around the world. Tim visited The Kyoto International Manga Museum recently, and this week he discusses it with Kobe-based comics creator Graeme McNee. Also, a […]

Comics Alternative, Manga: Reviews of Ichi-F: A Worker’s Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and Platinum End

Listen to the podcast! Time Codes: 00:00:26 – Introduction 00:03:29 – Listener mail! 00:07:21 – Follow up on Revolutionary Girl Utena 00:08:40 – Ichi-F: A Worker’s Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 00:33:42 – Platinum End 01:10:43 – Wrap up 01:12:16 – Contact us Japanese Adam Sandler? This month on The Comics Alternative‘s manga series, Shea and Derek […]

Comics Alternative, On Location: The March Visit to Valhalla Games and Comics

Listen to the podcast! Manga and Child Hating After a month’s hiatus (due to unforeseen circumstances), the on-location episode is back! And for the March visit to Valhalla Games and Comics, the topic is completely open. On this recording Derek is joined my several of the shop regulars including Craig, Matt, and Tristan. Among the […]

Comics Alternative, Manga: Reviews of Revolutionary Girl Utena Complete Deluxe Box Set and Ghost in the Shell Deluxe Edition

Listen to the podcast! Time Codes: 00:00:30 – Introduction 00:02:43 – Apologies 00:04:14 – Revolutionary Girl Utena Complete Deluxe Box Set 00:51:13 – Ghost in the Shell Deluxe Edition 01:21:23 – Wrap up 01:24:26 – Contact us A Deluxe Show! On this episode of the manga series — a few days later than expected — Shea and Derek discuss […]

Comics Alternative, Manga: Review of Sunny and Discussions of Other Works by Taiyo Matsumoto

Listen to the podcast! The Young Ones Time Codes: 00:00:28 – Introduction 00:02:36 – Catching up for the new year 00:04:19 – Sunny 01:09:40 – Other works by Matsumoto 01:20:29 – Wrap up 01:22:06 – Contact us This month on the manga show, Shea and Derek discuss the recently completed, Sunny, as well as other works by Taiyo […]

Deconstructing Comics #530: Wren McDonald makes “SP4RX”

SP4RX is Wren McDonald‘s first full-length graphic novel, a cyber-punk story that fondly remembers “the future of the past”. This week Wren talks about world building in SP4RX, his process, work-life balance, and more. Support Deconstructing Comics on Patreon to hear more of this interview! Deconstructing Comics site SUPPORT this podcast on Patreon! Follow DCP […]

Deconstructing Comics #529: “The Summit of the Gods”

An old camera found in a shop in Kathmandu starts up a sometimes exasperating, but ultimately engrossing, story of climbing Mt. Everest, with one of the most satisfying endings you’ll ever see. Kumar (who translated the story into English for Fanfare/Ponent Mon’s edition) and Tim discuss Baku Yumemakura and Jiro Taniguchi’s The Summit of the […]

Comics Alternative, Manga: Reviews of Tomie: Complete Deluxe Edition and Blame! Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Listen to the podcast! Creepy and Goofy  Time Codes: 00:00:29 – Introduction 00:02:37 – The holidays for Shea and Derek 00:04:30 – Listener mail! 00:11:24 – Tomie: Complete Deluxe Edition 00:55:39 – Blame! Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 01:19:12 – Wrap up 01:20:08 – Contact us It’s the final manga episode of the year, and to close out 2016 […]

Comics Alternative, Manga: Reviews of A Distant Neighborhood: Complete Edition and Attack on Titan Anthology

Listen to the podcast! Attack on Time  Time Codes: 00:00:28 – Introduction 00:02:25 – Catching up after Thanksgiving 00:05:18 – A Distant Neighborhood: Complete Edition 00:54:48 – Attack on Titan Anthology 01:46:53 – Wrap up 01:47:44 – Contact us For the month of November, Shea and Derek get together to discuss to two recent manga publications, although the […]

Deconstructing Comics #524: “Assassination Classroom”

He’s taken a bite out of the moon! He’s threatening to destroy earth! He’s… teaching junior high? What is the many-tentacled Koro Sensei up to? Why is he up for letting a bunch of 14-year-olds try to kill him? Tim and Kumar talk about Yuusei Matsui’s Assassination Classroom – incomprehensible sound effects and all! Deconstructing […]

Manga: Reviews of Various Horror Manga

Listen to the podcast! Weird Fireballs, Haunted Video Games, and a Naked Florence Nightingale  Time Codes: 00:00:58 – Introduction 00:03:22 – Set up of episode 00:07:25 – Hell Baby 00:33:27 – Fragments of Horror 01:08:53 – Lychee Light Club 01:31:52 – Portus 01:48:16 – Black Museum: The Ghost and the Lady, Book 1 02:07:46 – Neo Parasyte F 02:25:55 – Wrap […]

Comics Alternative, Manga: Reviews of Queen Emeraldas, Vol. 1 and Otherworld Barbara, Vol. 1

Listen to the podcast! Outer Space and Dream Space  Time Codes: 00:00:28 – Introduction 00:03:51 – Queen Emeraldas, Vol. 1 00:32:13 – Otherworld Barbara, Vol. 1 01:04:54 – Wrap up 01:07:00 – Contact us It’s the end of the month, so that must mean it’s time for Shea and Derek to look at another round of manga. For September, […]

Comics Alternative, Manga: Reviews of Inuyashiki and Wandering Island

Listen to the podcast! Shirtless Time Codes: 00:00:26 – Introduction 00:03:39 – Listener mail 00:08:26 – Inuyashiki 00:54:21 – Wandering Island 01:22:21 – Wrap up 01:23:13 – Contact us For the August manga episode, Shea and Derek go topless…at least that’s a common condition that they sense in the two titles that they discuss this month. They begin […]

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