F BombCast 133: Wesley Crusher Rocks

Does Wesley Crusher Rock? 99.9% of humanity says no, there is a good thing TJ is around to tell them differently and explain how wrong they are. Come into Machete’s chop shop and sit a spell, as you will be regaled with stories of such geekery that you will be hard pressed to understand how these three function in normal day-to-day life. So some of you may be wrong and tell me that Wesley Crusher does not rick as the show title implies, but i will tell you that if any infer that Flashpoint is not better than the god awful exercise in triviality that is Fear itself, you can stop right now. And you will also learn why Newark NJ is the second happiest place on earth. 


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W.I.P. # 89 – Fall Movies

On this episode:
-comic stack
-fubar 2 review
-hero at large review
-games roundup
-ill communication review
-fall movies
-one to watch


The Next Issue 39: …more EPIC than Love Jones


The Next Issue Podcast

** As promised there IS a show!**
In issue 39, the guys discuss the Baltimore Comic Con coming in August, David Finch’s new Batman gig, Elden discusses info on the new Fright Night remake and the guys talk about the possibility of the Old Spice Guy becoming Luke Cage. In What’s Tangling the Webs, we talk about the Machete trailer as well as the new photos from the Thor and Green Lantern movies. In 1st Impressions, Kevin telss us why he thinks that Inception was such a good mind f*ck and why it’s Oscar worthy. Aitch gives us a better late than never review of Toy Story 3 and then Predators. In Comic Reviews, Kev reviews The Boys 44, Aitch talks about Batman and Robin 13 and Amazing Spider-Man 637 and recommendations this week are Chew 12, The 6th Gun by Oni Press, Stuff of Legends vol II and a few others.