F BombCast 93: Watchmen Babies

Kevin is a big fat lousy quitter, as is Mike, But fear not fellow F Bombers, TJ is hanging in there to experience the Cancer that you all crave. San Diego Comic Con just finished up and Kevin Regales you with all the News that is as boring as shit. (Not Kevin’s Fault, nothing really exciting came out.) It does spawn a lengthy conversation where our heroes discuss the possibility of a a Watchmen sequel and who should write it. TJ is on a murdered Kid kick and discusses Lovely Bones as well as Gone Baby Gone and the trailer for the Greatest Ensemble cast Film is discussed, Machete. Monkey Boy breaks out some English lit and we discuss the books that made us love our childhood as well as the ones that made those High School days just a little bit longer. We end up with a kevin insta-Five of top five ended or cancelled Comic Books that we wish would be revived.

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