Comic News Insider Episode 760 – More American Gods w/ Neil Gaiman!


Comic News Insider: Episode 760 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Greatest Adventure #1, Plastic #1, Secret Empire #0, Gotham spring premiere

Jon Hoche joins Jimmy once again to co-host! Another roundtable from the American Gods press event last week in this episode. Neil Gaiman talked about his very hands on involvement of the new TV show, what book he’s working on next, possibilities of a live action Sandman and more! News includes: DC Comics will start a new line of comics called “Dark Matter”, Marvel Legacy will bring back the original numbering on some comics, Locke and Key is coming to Hulu,  the Avatar sequels are finally coming, a live action Teen Titans series is coming to a new DC Comics streaming service, Reggie is getting recast on Riverdale and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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ARP – S07 – Seattle Geekly Interview

Dylan and John have their second ever interview on the podcast. They met up with the good folks of Seattle Geekly to record a crossover interview. The Arc Reactors interview Matt and Shannon about what their podcast is and the challenges they have faced covering the broad subject of geek culture. Then the conversation delves deep into comic books and superheroes. They discuss various types of stories and methods of story telling as well as share some of their favorite types of stories.



Twitter: @seattlegeekly



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Comic News Insider Episode 445 – NYCC Finale w/ Blair Herter (G4TV’S X-Play)!

Comic News Insider: Episode 445 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Bedlam #1, CBLDF Liberty Annual 2012, Mars Attacks: Holidays One Shot, Masters Of The Universe: The Origin Of Skeletor #1, Vampirella vs Fluffy One Shot

It’s the last of the New York Comic Con interviews and it’s with good pal Blair Herter (G4TV’s X-Play). Jimmy records this episode from the familiar Hourglass Tavern in midtown Manhattan (Thanks Beth and Josh) and is joined by the lovely and talented cartoonist Michelle Mozes in the rotating co-host chair. You may remember that Jimmy met/interviewed her at NYCC. She was so awesome to take time out of her busy schedule to co-host! News includes: Art for Sandy Relief, new Justice League of America #1 gets 52 covers, Neil deGrasse Tyson finds Krypton, Locke and Key movie possibly confirmed and 2 more Marvel Now teasers revealed.  As always, listener feedback, Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Where Monsters Dwell 189 with Kate Leth

This week on the only LIVE comics radio show that is 100% recyclable, we continue our ‘Women In Comics Month’ by welcoming Cartoonist Kate Leth to the Monster Cave. Kate is a self taught cartoonist who has self published 3 collections of her own comics, ‘Kate Or Die‘, and is a contributor to Joe Hill’s Locke & Key, Womanthology and The Strange Talent of Luther Strode. She joins us to chat about all this and more! If you have a question for Kate, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call in the studio at 506-453-4949.

Also; New Comics Day at Strange Adventures, Opening Night at Empire Theatres and Table Topic Turntable

Comic News Insider Episode 362 – Pre-New York Comic Con Madness!

Comic News Insider: Episode 362 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Avengers 1959 #1, Blood Red Dragon #0, Chopper #1, Huntress Vol 3 #1, Last Of The Greats #1, Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #1, Frank Miller’s Holy Terror

Jen timms

Jimmy is joined by yet another Aussie sitting in the guest co-host chair, Jen Timms. She works in the gaming industry and is in town for New York Comic Con (NYCC) staying at the Aquino/Templesmith palace. She is also Jimmy’s right hand at the CNI booth (D18) in Podcast Arena located in Artist’s Alley. They give some love/reverance to the late Steve Jobs, Jimmy talks about the Warehouse 13 and Breaking Bad finales and tells of his love for Karine Vanasse in Pan Am. They also nerd out over the new Avengers trailerNews includes James Robinson back on Starman, Barnes & Noble yanks DC books, Locke & Key screening at NYCC, Archie Comics brings back superheroes, and Stieg Larson’s trilogy comes to comic books. As always, Listener Feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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CNI Forum

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NYCC is this weekend (October 13-16) and CNI has lots of great stuff lined up at their table D18. Signings at the booth (CHECK BACK AT WEBSITE FOR MORE INFO SOON) with the likes of Greg Pak, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kevin Colden, Becky Cloonan, Ben Templesmith, Ben McCool, Veronica Taylor, and Jeremy Bastian. Tentative guests include Paul Pope, Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston. The annual raffle will be held this year as well! It’s a fundraiser for CNI so we can get some new equipment/pay for trips/etc. Great prizes in the raffle as per usual with donations from Garth Ennis, Bryan Fuller, Ben Templesmith, Rafael Kayanan, Paul Pope, John Cassaday, DC comics, IDW publishing. Dark Horse comics, Smith Micro, Fred Van Lente, Dean Haspiel, Dan Panosian, Dynamite Entertainment, 2000AD and more! Tickets are $1 or 6 for $5. The more you buy, the better chance to win! We’ll do the raffle once on Thursday and twice a day from Friday-Sunday. Swing on by D18 in Artist Alley to see all of the exciting events happening with Comic News Insider at NYCC!

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 120

120 podcast, 120 minuets and 20 books. The boys strap themselves in for their longest podcast yet as they go over books not only from last week but the week before as well!  Listen as they get in a positive mood with with Lil’ Depressed Boy and then immediately have a heated debate over The Stuff of Legend. Also, big announcements are made as a new dawn for the Fourth Wall begins.


START (00:00:18)

Last Week

  • Jonah Hex #65 (00:00:47)
  • Herculian #1 (00:08:40)
  • Carbon Grey #1 (00:17:54)
  • Locke & Key Keys To The Kingdom #5  (00:23:55)
  • Sweet Tooth #19 (00:28:52)
  • Joe The Barbarian #8 (00:33:47)
  • Axe Cop Bad Guy Earth #1 (00:44:43)
  • Takio Gn Hc (00:47:01)

This Week


  • Lil Depressed Boy #2 (00:51:28)
  • Stuff of Legend: The Jungle #4 – Plus a discussion about violence in comic books and the effects on kids reading them. (00:59:50)
  • 27 #4 (01:17:00)
  • Walking Dead #82  (01:19:22)
  • Garth Ennis Jennifer Blood #2 (01:25:25)


  • Batman Incorporated #3 (01:29:39)
  • Venom #1 (01:35:40)
  • Punisher Max #11 (01:37:41)
  • 5 Ronin #2 (01:40:20)
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #155 (01:44:37)
  • New Avengers #10 (01:49:04)

Mini TRADE: Thor Mighty Avenger Tp Vol 02 (01:52:28)

Announcements (01:56:40)

END (2:00:00)

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 151 (1/23/11)

Independent titles rule supreme! Pick Of The Week goes to Ben McCool & Nikki Cook for Memoir #1 (Image). Fast Five picks include G.I. JOE: Cobra #12 (IDW), Hellblazer #275 (Vertigo), Doctor Who #1 (IDW), The Boys #50 (Dynamite), and Locke & Key: Keys To The Kingdom #4 (IDW).

Also, none of the titles this week are under $3!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Holiday Gift Suggestions 2010

In this special episode, Cammy the elf helps you with some gift suggestions for that special geek in your life.

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 147 (11/28/10)

The year may be coming to an end, but the good reads keep going strong! Pick Of The Week goes to Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez for Locke & Key: Keys To The Kingdom #3 (IDW). Fast Five picks include Batwoman #0 (DC), The Traveler #1 (BOOM! Studios), Justice League: Generation Lost #14 (DC), Scalped #43 (Vertigo), and Detective Comics #871 (DC).

Bat books are still going strong as well!

F BombCast Episode 100

Episode 100!!!!!!!

Hey folks, This is it, The episode you have all been waiting for. The Episode that is the anniversary of an ill fated idea of three friends who just like to hear their own voices. and it shows, because in this fantastic episode that is a festive occasion of ideas, the F BombCast… well we do what we do every week, talk about our lives, Movies, Music, and Comics.  Howie Mandel teaches us about the female anatomy and sexually transmitted diseases, and the Wire may have been the best thing ever on TV, even without the abundance of naked Cock that OZ had in it. Fisticuff… yes i said fisticuffs… almost come out over the discussion of Daredevil and Shadowland and then TJ just gets bored talking about the House of Ill-Fated Ideas so the boys start talking more Marvel comics, UGH!!!! We discuss the Avengers titles in earnest and and TJ loves Academy, while mike has had his mind changed on the adjectiveless Avengers title. Batman 703 and Red Robin are briefly brought up, Then a discussion of Locke and Key brings the boys to talk some books without pictures, mostly Steven King, but Joe Hill’s (who is King’s son BTW) Heart Shaped Box is also mentioned. Mike is stepping away from an old friend as Savage Dragon gets the heave ho, and Torchwood is being added. Joe Q may be the laziest man in comics as he simply reproduces old pages in Spiderman OMIT, and lastly TJ’s inner Geekiness comes out with Dungeon and Dragons #0. Enjoy folks, i don’t know if it gets much better than this.

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Or play it right here: