Deconstructing Comics #614: Rick Parker: An Energetic Interview

Rick Parker

While the majority of Rick Parker‘s comics jobs have been lettering, he’s also known as an artist and writer, including on Marvel’s Beavis and Butt-Head comics in the 1990s and Papercutz’ Tales from the Crypt. In this episode, Koom asks Rick about the experience of working at Marvel in the ’70s (including that time he was in a physical altercation in the office!), working as a New York taxi driver pre-Marvel, what was involved in old-school hand lettering of comics, and more.

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12 Days of Zone 4 – Day 12: 2014 in Review

As I wrap up things with Day 12 of the 12 Days of Zone 4, I reflect on the year of 2014. I discuss movies, comics and other life events that stood out to me personally throughout the year, and I look forward a bit on what’s to come in 2015.

Thank you to everyone who listened to and (hopefully) enjoyed the 12 Days of Zone 4! And thank you for all your support for Zone 4 throughout the years and going forward.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Deconstructing Comics #417: Rus Wooton wrote us some letters

Rus Wooton lettering

We turn our attention to comics lettering this week, and longtime letterer Rus Wooton. Rus worked on a lot of Marvel books in the 2000s, and his work can currently be seen on numerous Image titles, including Black Science (left). Tim talks with Rus about what makes lettering good or bad, how to get lettering work, the pluses and minuses of all-caps lettering vs “sentence case,” comics written and drawn by Rus, and more.

Zone 4 #261: Original Sin

The crew returns with another episode of your favorite Friday Night Delight!

This week, it’s Brant, John, Gordon and Chris.

First up, the guys discuss some headlines, including the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer, DC buying Dynamite?, The Walking Dead, Incredibles, Powers, and more.

Then, for Topic Time, it’s all about Marvel’s Original Sin event this summer, and Marvel events in general.

Finally, the guys wrap things up with some announcements.

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This Week’s Links and Topics

DC Looking to Buy Dynamite Entertainment?

DiDio, Harras & Others Making the West Coast Jump

The Incredibles FINALLY Gets a Sequel

The Walking Dead Comes to FOX

Bendis & Oeming’s Powers Comes to PlayStation

New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

Abnett & Lanning Reunite for Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude

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Original Sins Against Cap

Avengers’ Original Sin

Original Sin Variants

Marvel’s Original Sin

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Sequential Underground #75

The podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators!

Sequential Underground
Listen to Sequential Underground #75 right now:

Nick Marino and Shawn Atkins share their thoughts about the most overlooked aspect of comics creation: lettering.

Nick Marino’s awkward lettering from Zombie Palin (2008) vs. his more refined lettering from Super Haters (2013, art by Brandon Williams)

Both Shawn and Nick agree that it’s fine to break the rules of lettering if it looks good and reads clearly. But it still helps to understand the rules before you break them! Check out some of these awesome comics lettering resources:

Shawn Atkins uses hand-drawn word balloons with both digital and hand-lettering for this Cathy parody sequence in Gello Apocalypse (2012)

We discuss Shawn’s experimental blend of lettering techniques in Phoenix 9. Plus, shoutouts to Ed Piskor for meticulously lettering his pages by hand and Ross Campbell for blending digital techniques with hand-drawn personality.

ALSO. . .
Make sure to visit our friends from the Comic Book Pitt podcast at Booth AA6 in Artist Alley at NYCC this weekend!

And check out Nick’s “The Top 9 Things I Wish Somebody Told Me Before I Exhibited At New York Comic Con” if you’ll be exhibiting at NYCC for the first time.

The PKD Black Box – Episode #38: The Warrock-M.A.S.K.-Eliopolous Super Show!

This weeks “massive edition” of The PKD Black Box starts off with Shawn having a conversation with MC Adam Warrock (aka Eugene Ahn) about his new album “The War For Infinity,” the “West Coast Avengers Mixtape,” hip-hop & geekdom and even rappers that can communicate with dolphins. Then Jason Wood from the 11 O’ Clock Comics podcast stops by to talk about college life, Busta Rhymes, and everything you need to know about M.A.S.K. as he and Shawn go all nostaligic. Last, but definitely not least co-host Jon Carroll stops by as he and Shawn have a solid interview with talented creator Chris Eliopolous (Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers) as we discuss all-ages comics, the art of lettering, why having talent at times can be overrated, and the hard work that’s necessary to make comics.

This episode is so massive that the next PKD Black Box will not air until November 10th. In it’s place for the next two weeks will be the Tales From The Attic podcast.

Shout-outs to DJ Ruckus Roboticus, Cookiehead Jenkins & the Pontiac Fiero.

Enjoy! (The PKD Black Box is a explicit podcast because at times we cuss, FYI.)


Adam Warrock

The War For Infinity


11 O’ Clock Comics

Chris Eliopolous


Wonder Woman Day