Warlord Worlds Episode 14

In Warlord Worlds Episode 14 we cover The Warlord #33-34, Jon Sable #21, and Green Arrow #25-26 which features a story set in Sherwood Forest, plus the Legion of Super-Heroes #206-207 by Mike Grell with guests Mike Lane of Comics in the Golden Age and Jeff Messer of the Geek Brain Popcast.   iTunes: http://apple.co/1Idtnmk […]

Comic News Insider Episode 752 – Old Man CNI!

Comic News Insider: Episode 752 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces. Reviews: America #1, Amerikarate #1, Brave Chef Brianna #1, Riverdale One-Shot, Royal City #1, Logan Jimmy is back in NYC and Jon Hoche joins him back in the rotating co-host chair! They chat about Jimmy’s trip to […]

Warlord Worlds Episode 13

In Warlord Worlds Episode 13 we cover The Warlord #32, Green Arrow #21-24 featuring the return of Shado, and the Legion of Super-Heroes #204-205 by Mike Grell with guests Dr Anj of the Supergirl Comic Box Commentary and Philip Schweier of Comic Book Bin. Promo #1: Beetlemania! Promo #2: Coffee and Comics Promo #3: Who’s […]

Warlord Worlds Episode 12

In Warlord Worlds Episode 12 we cover The Warlord #29-31, Jon Sable #19-20, and the Legion of Super-Heroes #202-203 by Mike Grell with guests Jeff Messer of the Geek Brain Popcast and Dr Anj of the Supergirl Comic Box Commentary.   Promo #1: I’m the Gun Podcast Promo #2: Geek Brain Popcast   iTunes: http://apple.co/1Idtnmk […]

Longbox Review Episode 105: Legion of Super-Heroes Spotlight with Peter Rios

I talk with Peter Rios (http://thedailyrios.com/) about our love for the Legion of Super-Heroes. Long Live the Legion! Please send your comments to longboxreview@gmail.com, chat with me @longboxreview on Twitter, or visit longboxreview.com. Please subscribe, rate, and review the show via iTunes. Thanks for listening! Links: Legion Abtract (http://legionabstract.blogspot.com/) Cosmic Teams (http://www.cosmicteams.com/) Legion of Substitute Podcasters (http://paulfrench.ca/losp/) Super Future Friends (http://superfuturefriends.blogspot.com/) http://traffic.libsyn.com/longbox/LBR_105_LSH.mp3Podcast: […]

Comic Frontline Live #91: The Dawn of Weird Sex & Air Conditioners

The Frontline crew returns with a brand new episode as they count down their Top 5 and worst picks, talk comic news, battle some strange sounds, and discuss weird sex in comics! www.comicfrontline.com www.youtube.com/comicfrontline http://traffic.libsyn.com/comicfrontlinelive/FrontlineLive091.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 3:23:06 — 139.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Superman Fan Podcast Episode #295 Part II: Superman Comic Book Cover Dated January 1963: Superman Annual #3!

  Now that MegaCon is over, we’re returning through the time barrier to pick up our journey through the silver age adventures of Superman, and finishing our look at the Superman titles cover dated January 1963. SUPERMAN ANNUAL 6, cover dated Winter 1962 – 1963, was published on November 15, 1962 (5 years later this […]

Superman Fan Podcast Episode #274: Superman Comic Books Cover Dated April 1962: Superman #152 & Action Comics #287!

SUPERMAN 152, April 1962, was published on February 6, 1962. It contained 32 pages for the cover price of 12¢. Mort Weisinger was the editor, and the cover was pencilled by Curt Swan and inked by George Klein, featuring the first story of the issue. All three stories were reprinted in SHOWCASE PRESENTS: SUPERMAN vol. […]

Miley Cyrus is the Dr Rockso of Maxim hot 100, Deadpool buys naked Bea Arthur painting and never interview 4 year olds

  “Hello everyone. It’s been a while…”   C Bomb talks about what he doing that stopped them from recording a drop date ago HUGE shout out to our friends at The Boxed Whine! Be sure to check them out. C Bomb vents his spleen at Sunrise yet again! 4 year old mayors are not […]

Superman Fan Podcast Episode #258: Jerry Siegel And The Legion Of Super-Heroes!

EPISODE NOTE: On this episode, the scheduled topic was on SUPERMAN 149 & ACTION COMICS 282, with a guest host joining me. Unfortunately, a work schedule change this week for the guest host forced the postponement of this topic until next week. Jerry Siegel is most famous for being the co-creator and original writer of […]

Superman Fan Podcast Episode #250: Superman Comic Books Cover Dated August 1961: Superman #147 & Action Comics #279!

SUPERMAN 147, August 1961, was published on June 13, 1961. It contained 32 pages for the cover price of 10¢. Mort Weisinger was the editor, and the cover was pencilled by Curt Swan and inked by Stan Kaye. It recreated the classic cover of ADVENTURE COMICS 247, which introduced the Legion Of Super-Heroes. All three […]

Long Box Review Episode 37: Breaking Late News

Here’s another breaking late news episode wherein we talk about some various comic book related newsbits, including: Disney’s ownership of Star Wars Fearless Defenders The lack of excitement in general regarding the Marvel NOW! initiative DC’s expansion of its digital comics distribution A possible Justice League Dark movie JLA state variant covers Jeff Lemire on […]

The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast 022: Miyazaki Ninjas Rule!

Comic book catch up episode!  We spoil: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 5 / TMNT Micro-Series: Michaelangelo / Wonder Woman 3 / Star Trek|Legion of Superheroes 2 / Venom 11 / Stormwatch 5 / Kick-Ass v.2 #5 / Animal Man 3 / Uncanny X-Men   Twitter: @ComicCabalCast www.facebook.com/ComicCabal   http://novistry.com/comics/podcast/IC3-022.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download […]

PKD Black Box #68: A Hard Knock Shelf Life.

Shawn interviews Tara Platt (Naruto: Shippûden) and Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10), creators/actors of the web series Shelf Life and goes behind the scenes of the series and also talk about their work in the voice-over world of animation and video games. Then later in the show, Donny Salvo stops by to talk some movie trailers with Shawn and the tangent machine goes to […]

Completely Comics – Completely Award Winning!

On this episode Troy and Will talk about the 2011 Eisner Awards, Interesting facts about Thor and the Death of Spider-man. 1) Welcome to Completely Comics Episode 16 Completely Award Winning 2) Update with the guys Troy news B ‘n’ B (http://www.snughollow.com/) The Completely Comics Phenomenon Will news Off the Grid Impact of Last Week’s […]