Alternate Reality – Episode 389

Alternate Reality – Episode #389

Lots of comics to talk about this week.  We look at a spooky ghost-like story in Immortal Hulk #1.  Charlie tells us about Deathstroke being out for Batman’s blood.  We finally get to the end of our weekly Justice League setup for the new series, but was it worth it?

Also, Charlie and Jon look at Papergirls from Brian K. Vaughan as Charlie tried to catch Jon up.  Jon takes a tour on the wild side with Medieval Spawn and Witchblade.  And we finish up with the new DC series The Unexpected.  (Wow, that was unanticipated)

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The Immortal Hulk #1
Deathstroke #32
Papergirls #21
Medieval Spawn/Witchblade #1-2
The Unexpected #1

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Super Hero Speak – #172: The Impossibles

This week the guys talk about the up coming 2016 fall TV lineup. All of their favorite shows like The Flash, Arrow and Agents of SHIELD are returning and the guys can’t wait for them to start up again. The guys give you their take on where these shows lft off and where they think they might be going. Plus the are introducing a Legion of Doom on Legends of Tomorrow, but three of them are dead? Impossible! Sit back and enjoy!


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