Weird Science DC Comics Best of 2017 Awards Show

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Super Hero Speak: #240 – 2017 A Look Back

In this episode Dave, John and JD kick of 2018 by looking back on the year that was 2017. Discussing their favorite movies, TV shows and moments of 2017. Plus their least favorite moments. The audience is polled on their favorite comic book film of 2017 and what are the guys looking forward to in 2018. Sit back and enjoy!

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 157: DC Comics, Sick Days and Robot Takeover

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Comic Book Central – Episode #203: Joe Morton

From Smallville to Batman v Superman and Justice League, actor Joe Morton joins me this week to talk about his time in the DC TV and movie worlds, what it was like to work with two different directors on Justice League, the possibility of a Cyborg flick, and his Emmy-winning role on Scandal!
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Comic News Insider Episode 825 – The Best of 2017!

Comic News Insider: Episode 825 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Heidi MacDonald (The Beat) returns to join Jimmy in the annual “Best of 2017” podcast! While there were many amazing comic books, TV shows, films and more…these are the best picks that THEY happen to read/watch. They probably missed some of your favorites but hope you check out what they really enjoyed in 2017. I mean, just check out that picture above. They covered A LOT! They’re definitely more loquacious than laconic so buckle up for a long ride! So many great creators in comics this year and quite a few got multiple kudos throughout the podcast. Thanks to Penelope Bagieu, Emil Ferris, Tillie Walden, Tom King, Greg Pak, Sina Grace and many others for bringing us such amazing work last year. Looking forward to all of your future projects! Drop us a line and let us know what some of your favorites were so we can check them out. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Spotlight: Hawkman Found #1

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 155: DC Comics. Metal, Batman and Disgusting Sandwiches

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 154: DC Comics, Flash, Booster Gold and Casseroles

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 153: DC Comics, Batman, Superman and Children Problems

Jim and Eric talk about a ton of books as well as how Dancing Mike made the right decision by not having kids.  Branden seems to agree at the end of the Marvel Minute as well! Continue reading

Top 5 Comics Podcast Ep. 102 Part 2 Season 5

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Justice League The Movie 2017. Why you should not hate it and more ………..

Run Times –

Justice League The Movie – 2:28 – 1:22:19





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The Grawlix Podcast #58: I’m a Grawlix Hole

This episode the Grawlix Podcast battle for the internet, gush over Stranger Things 2 and discuss Justice League, Wonder Woman and the DCEU at large. Enjoy!

This episode originally appeared on

Show Notes and Links
00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings
00:04:03 – Net Neutrality – Battle for Net Neutrality
00:14:07 – Grawlix Key/Glossary
00:16:15 – The Kick Out Live joins the Electronic Media Collective
00:17:47 – Stranger Things 2
00:42:28 – Justice League, Wonder Woman and the DC Extended Universe
LETTERS PAGE (Contact Us Here)
01:20:00 – Twitter feedback from @mcvalada on our Halloween Special
01:29:54 – Outro

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 152: DC Comics, Annuals Week and Wrong Turn Soundboard

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Weird Science DC Comics New 52 Review Ep 19: Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Vol. 1: War of the Monsters

Check out our Patreon.  Right now, you can listen to the next two episodes of the New 52 Review: Static Shock Vol 1 Part 1 & Static Shock Vol 1 Part 2.

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Spotlight: New Talent Showcase 2017 #1

Check out our Patreon.  For as little as $1 a month, you can help support the podcast! This week’s Patreon Spotlight: Patreon Spotlight: Batman – Creature of the Night #1 & Justice League of America Annual #1

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Weird Science Comic News Ep 3: Flash Art, Avengers: Infinity War Trailer and Robin: Earth One

Here is a bonus episode of the Comic News Podcast I do over at our PATREON account.  If you like what you hear and want to hear this and over 100 more exclusive shows, head on over and check it out.  This week’s Patreon Exclusive Spotlight will be Batman: Creature of the Night #1 and Justice League of America Annual #1.