Longbox Review Episode 107: Top 5 Magic Characters

Just in time for Halloween, Travis joins me to discuss our favorite magical comic book characters. Who will make the cut? Dr. Fate or Dr. Strange? Etrigan or Hellboy? Listen to find out! But first we briefly talk about the passing of Steve Dillon and then chat about the fantastic artist who’s coming to the 2017 Emerald City Comicon: José Luis García-López!

Who are your favorite magical characters? Let us know!

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Radio Free Asgard 193


This week sees the continuation of the Enchanters saga in Thor Vol. 2 #16! This issue has it all! Green Kirby Krackle! The Gjaller-flag! Convenient boxes of rope just laying around! The return of Loki! – Plus, only a year late, I give my impressions of Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Radio Free Asgard 139


This week we continue our exploration of the classic Lee/Kirby run with Thor #167! In this issue, Balder meets the Norse God of Deafness, Loki smacks a doll, Thor gets his punishment, and Sif blubbers and whines. Hey, it’s the 60’s…


Back To The Bins! #64 – The COMPLETELY Overrated Talents in Comics


Well, we already tackled the underappreciated talents in comics, so now it’s only natural that we discuss… THE COMPLETELY OVERRATED TALENTS IN COMICS!!

Join hosts Scott H. Gardner and Michael R. Bailey, along with guests Jose Rivera and Chris Honeywell, for a fun and (mostly) light-hearted discussion (with a peppering of good ol’ fashioned fanboy ranting) of some of the most overblown, overhyped, and overinflated comic book writers and artists EVER.  Who makes the list?  Listen to find out, lazyass!!


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Team Spataro 2010 Cancer Walk Website


The Next Issue’s Kick @ss Roundtable


The Next Issue Podcast

In the Kick @ss roundtable, Aitch Greg and Will discuss the differences in the movie and the comic, the ‘controversy’ surrounding this movie as well as other ‘controversial’ movies. They also discuss how other comics to movies have fared over the years and what has helped or hindered their creation.

Back To The Bins! #37 – Superman VS The Amazing Spider-Man


Join Scott H. Gardner and Special Guests Michael Bailey and Chris Honeywell for an in-depth and hilarious discussion of perhaps the biggest one-shot event in comic book history —

“The Greatest Superhero Team-Up of All Time” — “The Battle of the (20th) Century” — Superman VS The Amazing Spider-Man!!

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