Uncanny Nerdverse NCBD Spotlight: Fighting American #1

Happy NCBD! Ryan reviews Fighting American #1 from Titan Comics solo-style this week, while Allen is on a secret mission. This book almost deserves the second discussion to hear where the guys line up. Dive in to hear some comic book rants on a Joe Simon & Jack Kirby creation.

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Radio Free Asgard 200


This is it, True Believers! Episode 200!! This time we discuss Avengers 2 & compare it with X-Men: DoFP – Then we have a look at two short stories from the Golden Age of comics, featuring Thor and Loki! Nuff said!

Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 85: Reviews of Simon & Kirby: Horror! and Trees #1

Send Us Your Dreams

S-K-HorrorIt’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for your weekly visit from the doctors! This week on the show the Two Guys with PhDs review two new titles. First, they look at the latest in Titan Books’ Simon and Kirby Library series, Simon and Kirby: Horror! This beautiful volume collects all of the Black Magic and The Strange World of Your Dreams (Prize Comics) stories that Joe Simon and Jack Kirby had a hand in, in one form or another, published between 1950 and 1954. Many of these comics have been collected before — for example, DC’s brief reissuing of Black Magic between 1973-1975 and Craig Yoe’s The Strange World of Your Dreams collection that came out last year — Treesbut this is the first time all of the Simon and Kirby contributions have been brought all together and in chronological order. As Andy and Derek point out, there’s some wonderful stuff in this collection, macabre stories in the vein of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone and the creepiest of Hitchcock. Next, the Two Guys turn their attention to issue #1 of Trees, written by Warren Ellis with art by Jason Howard. This is an intriguing first issue, one that teases…but in a good way. The guys are particularly pleased with this latest effort from Ellis, in that they’ve been wanting more original and ambitious (and non-mainstream) stories from him, as demonstrated in TransmetropolitanThe Authority, Planetary, and Desolation Jones. They feel that Trees promises to follow in this tradition.

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Comic News Insider Episode 374 – A Christmas Party with Grace Helbig and Friends!

Comic News Insider: Episode 374 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Avengers: X-Sanction #1, The Ray #1, The Strain #1

Jimmy has an impromtu Christmas party and boy was it liquor-fueled. Apologies in advance as we derail A LOT in this podcast due to lots of bourbon consumption. Internet sensation Grace Helbig (Daily Grace) comes over to drink podcast and brings along her old college pal Andy Gleaner. Old CNI stalwarts Kevin Conn and Jon Hoche are along for the drunken ride as well. They chat about the new trailer for Dark Knight Rises, the German trailer for The Avengers and Shatner on Broadway. News includes: RIP Joe Simon and Eduardo Barreto, Russ Cochran brings backSunday Comics, Marvel announces more Season One comics, Anthony Bourdain gets Jiro, andThe Tick #100 will guest star Invincible. Did I mention we drank a lot? As always, Listener Feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Event: New York Comic Con 2010

Shawn and Adam take a visit to NYCC 2010.  If you’ve ever wondered what its like we’ll fill you in on everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Some pretty nice things get said aboutGB TranEric KimRick SpearsTom DeFalcoVertigoJoe SimonJamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen, and Ryan Kelly.  Some fist shakes directed toward crowds, signs, tight dude costumes, and generally oblivious people.

Podcast Link: http://www.thedollarbin.net/shows/event-new-york-comic-con-2010.html

Episode Link: http://www.thedollarbin.net/storage/shows/audio/196Event-New-York-Comic-Con-2010.mp3

F BombCast 72: We Blow Kirby Again and Again

Episode 72

What starts out as two becomes three to discuss five that is really ten. (Kevin’s head just exploded a little bit) Okay have you wrapped your head around that? Can you tell i have been reading some really obscure Grant Morrison this week? Well I have. The first half hour Shaft and Righty go on about the superbowl, our weeks, and how our kids suck our will to be adults anymore. (Well not so much but it sounds cool, right? RIGHT?!?!) We talk some iPad goodness (guess which one of us loves it?) Comic talk to slightly plentiful: Robocop #1 and Black Terror #7 from Dynamite, X-Men: The End from Marvel, and Phantom Stranger #42 and the Question #37 from DC. Our top five is top Five Kirby creative teams, Wait? What’s that, Kev? oh it wasn’t that? Okay it really is Top Five Comic Book Creative Teams. Listen and ENJOY! That is an ORDER! (really just a nice request but i try to make myself more authoritative.)

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CCL Podcast #186 – 2 Marvel Masterworks

Collected Comics Library Podcast #186

25,902Kb; 27m 37s


The first thing I should tell you about this weeks’ episode is that I was planning on reviewing 3 Masterworks not 2. I even went as far as to record the third part of the feature, but I decided to cut it all out during editing, which, if you listen closely, can hear the cuts. The segments I did leave in are Spider-Man Volume 10 and Golden Age Captain America Volume 2. Regarding the latter, you may want to read Rich Johnson’s Lying in the Gutters column, which I refer to, from a few weeks back.

Also on the show this week, Around Comics celebrates their 200th podcast, a PR on Parade with Fireworks from Image Comics and one older item: The Black Terror Omnibus, an “Essential” type book from Age of Adventure due out later this year.

All this including what I’m watching on TV this year and the New Releases of the Week.

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