New Comic Book Spotlight Ep. 2: Avengers #675

Ryan and Allen review and discuss the highly anticipated weekly series event, Marvel’s Avengers “No Surrender”. The series debut gives the guys a ton of excitement to drive to see the future of their beloved characters. Join the guys as they provide an in depth review and give you their overall opinion in the end while snowed in. No better time to talk comics. Thanks for listening!

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Uncanny Sessions 004: Uncanny Avengers #30 Review

This month Ryan and Rob got together to discuss and review the final issue of Marvel’s Uncanny Avengers. Tears will be shed, hearts will be broken, and more for the best Marvel comic on the stands. Thanks for listening!

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The Uncanny Sessions: Uncanny Avengers #28 Review

Ryan is joined this month by Anthony to breakdown and discuss Uncanny Avengers #28. The guys reminisce about the past and how this series has been giving us legacy stories from the start. Thanks for listening!

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The guys launch a new show hosted by Ryan with special guests, to discuss all things Uncanny. This week Ryan is joined by special guest Trevitt to review Uncanny Avengers #27. Jim Zub and team put in their best and the comic reflects that. Is Uncanny Avengers the best team book at Marvel? Tune in to hear Ryan and Trevitt’s thoughts. Thanks for listening!

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Deconstructing Comics #540: Jim Zub


Jim Zub loves Japan. He visited twice last year, including in October for the Kaigai Manga Festa. He set his Image series Wayward in Japan; it’s drawn by Yokohama resident Steven Cummings. In this week’s show, Jim talks about the effort to make Wayward‘s Japan feel as close to the real one as possible; playing in the sandbox of Marvel’s Thunderbolts, the harsh realities of the North American comics market, making yourself known in the industry, and more.

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Deconstructing Comics #520: Kaigai Manga Festa 2016, part one!

Kaigai Manga Festa 2016

It’s time for another Kaigai Manga Festa roundup! This year’s international comics festival in Tokyo was held on October 23 at Tokyo Big Sight, alongside the Comitia festival as always. Tim caught up with some familiar faces and met some new ones as well! Featuring Jim Zub and Steven Cummings of Image Comics’ “Wayward”!


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Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 82

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Gotham Academy Second Semester #1, A- Force #9, Supergirl #1, Civil War II: Amazing Spiderman #4, Glitterbomb #1, and more ………..

Run Times –podcast-82

News In Comics…. – 3:42- 8:02

Gotham Academy Second Semester #1 – 8:02 – 17:28

A- Force #9 – 17:28 – 26:57

Supergirl #1 – 26:57– 35:55

Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #4 – 35:55- 44:43

Glitterbomb #1 – 44:43- 54:23

Bulk and Skull ( Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy) at Colorado Spring Comic Con 2016 – 54:23 – 58:15

Books to look for – 1:06:48
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Where Monsters Dwell 256 with Jim Zub

WMD 256

This week on the skull-kickingest podcast around, we welcome back to the Monster Cave writer, artist and art instructor Jim Zub! Jim is still pumping out his hit creator owned series ‘Skullkickers‘ from Image and has just begun writing the ‘Samurai Jack‘ comic for IDW which will see it’s first issue released this October. He joins us LIVE on the air to chat about all this and much more so, if you have a question for Jim Zub, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

Where Monsters Dwell is brought to you by Strange Adventures and Club Fred Grafx.

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Comic News Insider Episode 330 – TCAF Interview Special w/ Andy Belanger/Anthony Del Col, Willow Dawson, Steve Manale, Jim Zub

Comic News Insider: Episode 330 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Jimmy got so many interviews from the Toronto Comic Arts Festival that we decided to release a special interview only show! Once again, Tory Woollcott sits in with him to guest co-host. Though unplanned, it’s serendipitiously full of all-Toronto residents! Fantastic chats with the boys of Kill Shakespeare, Anthony Del Col and Andy Belanger. If you remember, when we first reviewed it back when, we didn’t love it. But Jimmy has read more since then. Will he eat crow? Tune in! Willow Dawson chats about her DIY comics book for kids. Steve Manale chats his webcomic Superslackers. And Jim Zub speaks of the awesomeness that is Skullkickers! As always, the Top 3, listener feedback and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!