Trade Special: Spider-Woman Vol. 2 (2014)

Ryan is joined by Seren from the Attilan Rising Podcast, venturing back to Volume 2 of Dennis Hopeless’s run on Spider-Woman. The two break down issues 5-10, to tell you how badass of a character Jessica Drew is. And why we need Spider-Woman to return as an ongoing series. Thanks for listening!

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ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 45: Major STAR WARS Announcement with Tim Stevens from Marvel & Marvel’s Spider-Women (including Spider-Gwen and Silk!)

In this episode of the ComicsVerse podcast, Justin, Tom and Kathy sit down and discuss a MAJOR Star Wars announce of Marvel writer — Tim Stevens!  We also get in-depth regarding the new list of Marvel’s Spider-Women including Silk, Spider-Gwen and Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman!

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Tim Stevens is a writer on who’s eerily spot on “Psych Ward” articles get to the foundations of our favorite characters!

Image of Marvel writer Tim Stevens

Marvel writer – Tim Stevens

Here are some links to his work:

Psych Ward: Emma Frost

Psych Ward: Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch

This episode of the ComicsVerse podcast featured the following ComicsVerse crew:

Justin Gilbert Alba, host; Kathleen Wisneski, co-host; Tom Bacon, panelist