Wayne’s Comics Podcast #309: Seth Peck and Jeremy Haun

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Happy Holidays! It’s time for another special week at the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, with a great interview and my yearly holiday tradition!

First up are Seth Peck and Jeremy Haun, creators of a high-power book from Image Comics called The Realm. We talk about how this creative team makes this successful series happen, who the various characters are, what this title is about, and what we can expect from them in the future. Check out the comic’s website at this link and Jeremy’s Facebook page here! I highly recommend looking at his art while listening to this interview!

Then everything wraps up when I share my annual holiday tradition, playing the audio from ‘Twas the Dark Knight Before Christmas! You can see the video at this link!

Comics Alternative, On Location: Talking with Creators at HeroesCon 2016

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Stay tuned over the next week for other episodes generated at the 2016 HeroesCon!


Comic News Insider Episode 637 – Straight Outta CNI!


Comic News Insider: Episode 637 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Americatown #1, Beauty #1, Boy-1 #1 

Jimmy is joined in the remote upper eastside studio by good pal Jon Hoche! They catch up on things over the past month, reminisce on their time on Disneyland last month, and marvel over the time Eazy-E showed up at one of Rob Liefeld’s signings back in the 90’s. News includes: a Star Wars land will be built simultaneously in Disney Land and Disney World, Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon are teaming up to work on a young Han Solo stand-alone feature, The Walking Dead season 6 will premiere during New York Super Week at NYCC, a DC Comics based workplace comedy called Powerless is coming to NBC, trading cards featuring top comic creators will benefit Seth Kushner’s family and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Jeremy Haun and Jason Hurley

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The Two Guys are pleased to have as their guests on the show the creators behind the new series coming out from Image Comics, The Beauty, Jeremy Haun and Jason Hurley. The first issue will be released next Tuesday, August 12th, and in anticipation for this event, Andy and Derek wanted to have the two on the show to talk about their unique narrative. The story is premised on a sexually transmitted disease that, once contracted, makes people TheBeautyCoverappear more physically attractive. They turn more svelte, their skin becomes clearer, their features appear more angular, they assume an alluring glow, and, overall, they take on a look that more closely represents our society’s notions of beauty. In fact, Jason and Jeremy share some of the sociological, psychological, and philosophical underpinnings of their narrative and tease how those themes might play out as the series unfolds. Yet, while there are some heavy issues undergirding their story, The Beauty is also a fun mystery. Detectives Foster and Vaughn, two officers assigned to “anti-beauty” terrorist activity, must learn if there is any connection between a mysterious disease-related death and any politically motivated agendas. In addition to discussing the series’ storyline, the guys also ask Jeremy and Jason about The Beauty‘s curious publicity campaigns. Indeed, Andy begins the interview by asking the creators about the condom and STD pamphlet Jeremy was giving out at HeroesCon back in June. There is also the #BeautyFree meme drive they’re helping to generate…and that The Comics Alternative is gladly participating in. All in all, the Two Guys have a wonderful time talking with Jeremy and Jason, learning many of the behind-the-scenes angles of this beautifully drawn and beautifully written new series. Be sure to check out The Beauty #1 on its release next Wednesday!



Comic News Insider Episode 618 – Heroes Con: DC Panel with Ben Caldwell/Ming Doyle/Jeremy Haun/Stephane Roux/Babs Tarr/Robert Venditti


Comic News Insider: Episode 618 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: No reviews because it’s a Heroes Con panel special!

Jimmy moderated the DC Comics panel at Heroes Con last weekend with Ben Caldwell, Ming Doyle, Jeremy Haun, Stephane Roux, Babs Tarr and Robert Venditti. Hear how they got their start in comics, the books they are doing for DC, their favorite onomatopoeia and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comic News Insider

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #161 With Jeremy Haun

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This episode, you’ll enjoy the return of Jeremy Haun, probably best known for his work on DC’s Constantine and Batwoman as well as the Bad Karma volume!

Jeremy was in the middle of a Kickstarter project called Dino Day Art Book. This excellent volume started out as a way for Mr. Haun to share his work with his young sons, who both love dinosaurs. Each Wednesday on his blog, Jeremy posted a new dinosaur illustration. Now, the entire year’s artwork is being collected into a hardcover volume you could only obtain by supporting this project. For more information, be sure to go to this link! We also get an update about Mr. Haun’s current and future projects, so be sure not to miss what he has to say!

Be back next week for another great interview with another excellent comics creator!


Comics Alternative Episode 114: Reviews of Here, Wolf Moon #1, and Bitch Planet #1

Here and There

HereHappy Hanukkah! On this episode of The Comics Alternative, Derek and Andy review three new and exciting titles. First, they look at Richard McGuire’s Here (Pantheon) a project that actually goes back to 1989. A different, black-and-white 6-page version of the comic appeared in the first issue of Raw Vol. 2,  Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly’s groundbreaking comics anthology that ran from 1980 until 1991. The new book doesn’t include or build directly off of that original comic, but it does use the design and concept as a springboard into the larger, more ambitious project. Everything that takes place in this story — and the guys use the word of “story” loosely, here — is anchored in one physical space, the corner of a room. What McGuire does is to give us a history of that particular space, revealing events that took place in that area over a span of centuries. The “movement” within the narrative is strictly temporal, reaching back into the prehistoric past (the earliest year being 3,000, 500, 000 BCE) and pushing into a speculative future (the year 22,175). McGuire accomplishes this through an arrangement of two-page spreads, inlaid or nested panels, and precise placements of images that, taken together, provide visual and even thematic coherence. Indeed, it seems as if events across time resonate and interact. WolfMoonThis is the kind of book that is difficult to appreciate fully outside of the actual reading process, and it’s one that requires diligent and repeated efforts, each of which will be richly rewarded.

After their involved discussion of Here — and the Two Guys spend the better part of this episode on McGuire’s work — Andy and Derek look at two new #1 issues. The first is Wolf Moon, written by Cullen Bunn and with art by Jeremy Haun (Vertigo). This is the first of a 6-issue miniseries based on the werewolf myth. However, Bunn gives his supernatural retelling a unique spin, creating a lycanthrope narrative where physical transformation isn’t the only effects of a full moon. Haun’s art is appropriately dark, ill-defined in places, and violent. There’s a lot of blood in this first issue, and Wolf Moon promises to be a title that isn’t for the squeamish. After that, the guys turn to the new comic from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine de Landro, Bitch Planet (Image). Both BitchPlanetDerek and Andy like this first issue and plan on continuing to read the series, but they nonetheless disagree as to the impact or accomplishments of this inaugural installment. Andy feels that this is a successful #1 that does everything it’s supposed to do. In fact, this may be one of his favorite single issues of the year. However, Derek feels that this is a story that will read better in trade, in that the first issue seemed incomplete and required more story space for effective immersion. There needs to be more there there. What’s more, he felt that Danielle Henderson’s mini-essay at the end of the issue was unnecessary and potentially undermined the impact of the story itself. While Andy felt that this was a useful supplement that helped to set a critical or thematic framework — and it does — Derek sees the essay as an expository exercise that tells (not shows) the reader what the series is all about. Instead, he feels that DeConnick and de Landro’s story should speak for itself, especially in this first issue. (Although Henderson’s essay would make a nice supplement to a future collected edition.) Still, both guys agree that this is an intriguing title that both will continue reading…if  not monthly, then in trade.

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #149 With Jeremy Haun From Constantine and Batwoman

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Jeremy Haun, Batwoman, Constantine, NBC, Bad Karma,

Did you pick up Constantine #18 at your local comics shops recently? If so, you’ll particularly enjoy my interview with Jeremy Haun, the new artist on the title, tremendously! We discuss how he landed this assignment as well as what it’s like to be working on a comic that has a television show based on it! He also reflects on his time working on Batwoman and talks about Bad Karma, a great anthology project he’s been putting together with friends. Everything wraps up when he updates us on other projects he’s working on, so be sure not to miss it!

It’s almost here! Next week, you’ll hear a special interview as we celebrate landmark episode #150!


Image Addiction – Episode 96: A Conversation with Jeremy Haun

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