Comic News Insider Episode 400! Paul Pope, Kevin Maguire, Ben Templesmith, ChrisCross, Becky Cloonan, Ben McCool, Emma Hayley, Dr. Vasilis Pozios & “Alan Moore”!

Comic News Insider: Episode 400 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Airboy Deadeye #1, Merciless Rise Of Ming #1, Popeye Vol 3 #1

It’s the epic 400th episode recording! Recorded live at Hourglass Tavern in midtown Manhattan. Jimmy is joined by frequent co-hosts Kevin Conn, Grace Helbig and Jon Hoche! Producer Joe is on the mixer/tech and made sure everything ran smoothly. So many great guests joined in the fun including Paul Pope, Kevin Maguire, Ben Templesmith, ChrisCross, Becky Cloonan,  Ben McCool, Emma Hayley, Dr. Vasilis Pozios and “Alan Moore” even showed up. There was news, reviews, songs and all sorts of silliness. And oh yes…we drank! Thanks to Kasha  for photography, Brad for video, Producer Joe for producing, and to Beth and Josh at Hourglass for putting up with us. Also, a big thanks to show sponsors Heidi MacDonald of The Beat and Ryan Swearingen of Stated Magazine for chatting with us for  a few minutes as well. CNI and The Beat had a big announcement too! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Pictures! Thanks to Kasha Minenko for being the official CNI Photographer of the night! You can see the entire set at Jimmy’s Flickr account.

CNI 400 crew - Kevin Conn, Jon Hoche, Joe Gonzalez, me, Grace Helbig

The CNI 400 crew! Co-hosts Kevin Conn, Jon Hoche, Producer Joe Gonzalez, host Jimmy Aquino, co-host Grace Helbig!

Alan Moore, me4
“Alan Moore”, Jimmy

Becky Cloonan2

Becky Cloonan

Ben, me fight

Roommates Ben Templesmith & Jimmy

Dr. Pozios

Dr. Vasilis Pozios of Broadcast Thought

Emma Hayley
Emma Hayley of Self Made Hero

Grace, me2

Grace Helbig, Jimmy

Kevin Maguire, me

Kevin Maguire, Jimmy


Ben McCool

Pope, me
Paul Pope, Jimmy

Aquinosmith and Fowell
Roommates Ben Templesmith, Jimmy vs. Roommates Melissa Dowell, Katelan Foisy. Better known as the famous Aquinosmith/Fowell rivalry.

CNI table